Best gaming accessories for PC are a must if you are a gamer. You may have an excellent gaming-friendly PC with a bright display, fast refreshes, and good graphics running at 60 frames per second; You won’t have a good time with your clumsy keyboard whos keys are so congested that you type “S” and monitor display “A.” Same with a mouse, so big and uncomfortable that, a headset that does everything except letting your gaming partner hear you screaming for help!

Frustrated by these issues, You must have thought of buying a gaming PC?  I would say, why not built a gaming PC! It’s cheaper and customizable. It does not make sense to pay extra dollars just to put the pieces together for you necessarily.

If you think building a gaming PC is hard, worry not! We have handpicked must-have accessories for you. To help you choose the best Gaming Accessories For PC. You can never go wrong with this list.

Turtle Beach: Gaming headset/ Accessories For PC

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At the point when you search for an earphone, you care for noise cancellation, better sound quality, team communication, and of course, price. This headphone company is the jack of all trade. Turtle Beach has launched many headphones until now.

My personal favorite is the Turtle Beach Recon 200.
This headphone is structured, remembering long and exceptional gaming, henceforth ideal for gamers. Moreover, my ear doesn’t feel like a flame-broiled chicken, thanks to its soft cushion padding and mesh lining outside the earbuds, which help regulate the heat.

Curious about its battery life? Say no more.
It runs for good 16 hours of continuous playback with single charging.
I played League of Legends on PC escorted with recon 200. And it was a good experience.

Logitech G502: an excellent piece of engineering

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I bet you; you have not encountered such a beautifully engineered piece of a mouse in your life!

Being a gamer, I have tried a few mouses before, for instance, naga chroma, Razer DeathAdder, and razer naga, but nothing can beat this one.

The company claims it to be the most accurate gaming mouse. And I won’t deny that. It comes with not 2 or 3 or 5 but hefty 11 buttons. On the head of that, they all are exceptionally customizable with the assistance of Logitech G HUB. You can add Build, crouch, run, heal, fire every command you can think of.

With plume-like weight, this device is equipped with LIGHTSYNC RGB, to let you create an array of color choices. I wouldn’t say I like it when mouse cable detaches from PC during a high-intensity game. They somewhat restrict the movement. With Logitech G502, you do not have to worry about the cord annoying you. The device is entirely wireless. Furthermore, The G502 has a rated 48-hour battery life of continuous use. What else do you want?

Nintendo switch: Coolest Gaming Accessories For PC

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If you are a hardcore gamer, you must have heard of the Nintendo switch. So is it worth the hype? The Nintendo Switch has been selling at a record pace ever since it launched in 2017. If you a person who gets the urge to play games any time anywhere, then switches is your favorite companion.

Even if you have a PlayStation or Xbox, you must buy a Nintendo switch for the reason that it has the ultimate collection of games, which is supported only by the switch. Not only a single-player, but it also has multiplayer games. Let’s take a moment and appreciate its design.

The controllers are sleek and slide over the monitor very smoothly. You can utilize them together as two parts of a single game cushion, or turn them on their sides to use them as two separate controllers (short a couple of shoulder catches) for multiplayer gaming. The command buttons, on the other hand, are very sturdy and tight. let’s talk a bit about games. Games also run very smoothly, especially the first-party one, for instance, smash brother( 8 player game), witcher three and many more.

The display is excellent. It somewhat soothes the eye while playing games, but it could be better. The claimed battery life is 9 hours. But, I feel it’s not enough.
Please make note that it does not support Bluetooth headphones, like AirPods, which is a turn off for me at least.

Xbox one controller: Must have Gaming Accessories For PC

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If you do not have an Xbox one controller, do not call yourself a gamer! You cannot imagine playing games like Final Fantasy XIV, Rocket League, Shovel Knight, and many more. Xbox one controller is called beast for a reason. It is by far the most liked and powerful gaming console. It has outperformed many other systems like PS4 pro.

Xbox is known for its enormous and comfortable building. Despite being a little heavy and bulky, it does not cause any trouble to people with small hands, like me. Not to mention, the shoulder bottoms also give a firm grip over the controller. One factor of disliking is its D-pad. They produce harsh noises of clicks. It irritates me sometimes. Another critical point, the controller has three separate ports micro USB, expansion port, and a 5mm jack. It doesn’t end here. To my surprise, it includes both Bluetooth and Xbox Wireless. 

Moreover, setting up the new controller is speedy and basic. Open it up, insert in a new arrangement of batteries (or a battery pack in case you’re utilizing rechargeable one), and you’re prepared to match it with the comfort.

Coming to its battery life, they usually last for 40 hours. The downside with Xbox one controller is that it does not have an integrated battery. It uses two separate AA batteries as a power source. This device is useful in terms of compatibility. It can connect with your PC with Bluetooth, USB, or Xbox wireless.

Those were few Gaming Accessories For PC.

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