Biolite is a company that has been in the lighting game for quite some time now. They offer a variety of lighting solutions which makes sure that your surrounding is always bright and visible. Biolitepower light bundle is an addition to their arsenal, and to be honest, the versatility that it has is pretty unique.

This small portable powerhouse is suitable for outdoors as well as in rooms when the power is cut off. The Biolitepower light bundle comes with a cylindrical lantern along with two circular lights (side lights) that can be powered by the lamp itself. It also has a flashlight built-in and a power bank that just adds to the pre-informed versatility.

I am an avid camper and have been using this product for a couple of months. The ease of use that it provides make it an essential in any camping tours. I frequently find myself using my phone’s flash to light up the environment around me, which results in my phone being dead pretty fast. With this product, I not only have a lighting option, but I can simultaneously charge my phone as well, thanks to the built-in 4400 mah power bank.

The two mini lights (side lights) that you get with this bundle are equally useful. The best thing about it is that it is very compact, meaning it won’t take much space in your backpack. Another thing that makes me go back to this bundle is they are rechargeable, so no more searching through your drawers or bags for those extra double A (AA) batteries. I also found that the light that it emits is pleasing to the eye. Even when looked at directly, the mesh-like structure on the exterior refracts the light and makes it more soothing.

BiolitePower Light Bundle Review


  • Powerful 200-lumen lantern along with a 250-lumen torch.
  • Built-in 4400 battery with a USB type A output.
  • Additional site lights for extra lighting with built-in 10 ft. cables (Has 150 lumen on each other sidelights).
  • Chaining system to add up to four sidelights.
  • Directional lights ( allows you to change the angle of the view as desired)
  • Portable and rugged design.
  • Rubberized buttons with easy to use functions.

The power lite bundle is the real deal when it comes to ease of use, portability, and versatility. The additional site lights especially come in very handy when you are seeking for just a bit of extra sparkle. The bundle consists of a compact lantern and a pair of site lights. The lamp itself has a torch in it, along with two lighting surfaces.

The led used in the PowerLite powerhouse consumes less energy. Besides, it gives out abundant light to brighten up even the darkest of nights. The lantern and the torch can both be used together so you can see the path ahead as well as the area around your feet. The site lights use a chaining system, which lets the central lantern itself power them.

BiolitePower Light Bundle Review

The long cables that come built-in with the sidelight also make it easier for them to be powered without having to look for extra wires. The wires themselves are very durable as well, and the lights can be hung using the same cable. The cables have a pinch and a node, which makes it easier to wrap it around a tree or anywhere else you, please.

The light and the cable is easily adjustable in such a way that the site lights give off different light angles rather than just facing horizontally downwards. The 4400 mah battery backup comes in pretty handy as well. The Biolite lantern alone is usable for up to 72 hrs on its own and 22 hrs. Suppose you attach both the site lights. You can also recharge your phone while using the lights, although that will reduce the glare uptime.


The Biolite lantern does not have that many cons, to be honest. The pricing might cause a little concern to you, but it’s not going to break the bank in any way and especially considering the bonus of the power bank. One thing that might concern its buyers might be the feature that whether it is waterproof or not.

Since the biolite power light bundle does not have any authentic IP certifications, you might want to steer clear of heavy rains. However, it can definitely handle light drizzles just fine. The pros of this product far outweigh the cons, and I am pretty sure no one will be disappointed after using it.


BiolitePower Light Bundle ReviewThis product is mainly focused on people who indulge in outdoor activities frequently. Don’t get me wrong when I tell you that you can easily use this as an emergency lighting kit incase you face power outage. The Biolite power light bundle can light a room up without any problems. But we can use it to its full potential if you go out camping frequently.

Once you see how versatile the Biolite Power lite bundle is, you will surely mark this product as essential for any camping trips that you make. You might just end up being the hero everyone needs in those dark, damp camping nights. Say goodbye to dark camping nights and charge fewer cellphones.



So, is Biolite Power Light Bundle something you should consider buying? Definitely yes. The price might be a little on the higher side for a pair of lights, but apart from that, they are an absolute steal. You can buy a Biolite power light energy bundle in the official Biolite website as well as on Amazon for about 80$. The prices may differ depending upon the offers that they have. You can, of course, buy any other cheaper alternatives, but I doubt that it will provide the same amount of versatility as the Biolite power light bundle.