Canva is a popular and useful graphic design tool available for people to use. This is a web-based solution. You can use Canva and create presentations, social media posts, posters, business cards, flyers, logos, brochures, and much other visual content. It comes to you along with a user-friendly interface with drag and drops elements. Therefore, you will find it an easy task to create beautiful designs with ease.

There are numerous resources available for you to use when you want to create great visual content using this design tool. They include illustrations, fonts, video content, audio content, stock photos, and many more. You will even be able to add content from Google Maps and GIPHY when you are creating visual content with the help of this online tool.

Canva Review

Features of Canva

Canva is among the most popular design software available out there. This incredibly easy tool comes with numerous features. These features help business owners and anyone else to create designs with ease. Here are the outstanding features that are available to you with option Canva. You can go through these features and get a better understanding of what Canva is capable of delivering to you.

I’m writing these features based on the personal experience that I had with Canva. I have my business, and I feel that I can use the features offered by Canva to get all my design related work done on my own. The features are highly recommended for any small business owner as well. The user-friendly interface can ensure the easiness of creating flyers and social media posts. On top of that, I noticed how Canva is offering excellent customer support as well.

Social media design tools

Social media design tools are the most popular option in Canva. There are numerous templates available on the platform, which you can use for a variety of social media networks. In fact, I was able to get the designs needed for YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook and Pinterest accounts with the help of Canva. They included background images and thumbnails as well.

Business design tools

I designed a presentation through the business tools available in Canva, and I was able to end up securing a perfect experience out of it. Apart from presentations, a small business will be able to use Canva and create resumes, certificates, proposals, invoices, and many other professional documents. When creating a design or a document, useful and professionally built templates are available to you. You just need to access the right model and make the changes to it as required.

Identity design tools

Canva and the identity design tools presented with it can help anyone to become a logo maker. In fact, it can deliver the assistance needed to create a professional logo for a brand within the shortest possible time. There are lots of pre-made images, which you will be able to start using for the logos that you design.

Informational content design

Designing posters and infographics will be a simple thing to do with Canva. That’s because templates are available to make life easy for you. You can simply get your hands on a template and structure the content that you wish to present. In addition to that, you will also be able to present the data in an understandable and clear format through the templates as well.

Printable designs

Canva is not just a tool that you can use to create digital images. There are numerous ready-made templates, which you can use to create printable designs as well. They include menus, brochures, flyers, invitations, and many more. You will be able to use these printable materials for professional purposes without keeping a doubt in mind. You can even ask Canva to print them and deliver them to your doorstep.

Day to day designs

The easiness to create designs with Canva will be able to benefit you with creating a day to day designs as well. For example, if you want to create a photo collage to wish someone on a birthday, you can easily take a look at the features available with Canva and start using them. Likewise, you can create stunning postcards and calendars with Canva as well.


What more?

Canva is a great and user-friendly tool available for designing. That’s because it is offering numerous images, templates, layouts, and styles. You will be able to complete the design job without facing any struggles with it. All the models that are available to you with Canva are highly customizable. You will be able to customize every aspect of it. After completing the design, you will be able to download the files in multiple format options as well. You can also create resumes with Canva and share them on social media.

However, it is also essential to notice that some of the features available with this are not suitable for complete beginners. You will not be able to access certain features of Canva without having access to a premium membership as well.

Who can use Canva?

Canva is a great design tool available for individuals and small business owners who prefer to get excellent looking designs without spending too much of time and effort. The designs are not primitive, and they look professional. This online tool is also in a position to help people with catering all their design related requirements.


You will be impressed with a large number of templates, layouts, images, fonts, and other resources available on canvas for getting design work done. This web-based and straightforward tool can also provide you with the chance to refrain from using bulky and heavy photo editing tools on your computer. There is no significant learning curve to follow to learn how to use Canva, as well. Any person with the necessary computer skills will be able to figure out how to get the most out of Canva.

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