If you need a smart assistant like Google Home, then you’ve landed in the right place for Google Home review. We are here to clear your doubts regarding google home. And here is a complete guide about its efficiency and limitations that will help you make a better decision.

What is Google Home?

Now, the world is launching machines with brains. Google home is a smart speaker device that is intelligent enough to answer your commands and queries. This device is connected to the internet that will find the solutions to your problems and will entertain you at the same time. Although it is verbal, you can still get information and use it to learn new skills. You can play music, run timers and reminders, make appointments, and send audio messages. It can also run apps on your phone by listening to your command, and it can read your notifications for you. You just have to say “Ok Google,” and it will start operating.

Google Home Review

It’s easy to use; Simple to Install:

When you say “Ok Google,” it will start responding to your commands, the Google home is easy to use, and it can listen to your instructions and give you the possible solution. It can select music for you from YouTube music, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Pandora music.

Google made this device easily installable. Just plug in the device and download the Google Home app that is also used to operate the Chrome-cast. That’s all you need to do is to connect it to the wireless network, and it will be ready to use. This setup just needs less than 5 minutes to finish.

Epic Sound Quality:

Google home has four speakers as compared to “echo,” which only includes two speakers. Google home sound will be better and jangling. When you give the “volume up” command to the Google home, then it can shake your ears.

A Home Controller:

If you have installed smart devices of Philips, Unilever, and Electrolux in your Home, then Google home can be connected to them. A schedule can be made with the help of Home when to turn these smart devices on or off according to your mood and requirements. Suppose you like watching a specific TV program; then, Google home will play it for you on TV.

A right Conversation Partner:

A more extraordinary thing Google Home review expressed is that it can remember the context of the conversation you are having with it. Like you ask Home, “which is the best coffee shop in the town?” And it will not only answer it, but also it will give follow up like “which is the best coffee shop on beachside?” or “which is the cheapest coffee shop nearby?” and it will provide fluent collective information. That provides healthy and connective information in a flow.

Tailored Design:

Google home is far better than the Echo and other similar devices. Because you can customize it according to your apartment design and furniture, its Bottom design comes in seven different colors, which are readily available on different stores and customize it according to your taste.

Easy Shopping:

Now Google Homes are connected to Google express. You can shop by just commanding your choice to Google Home. All you need to do is to add your payment information into the Google Home app. You can use this feature like say “Ok Google, order mobile charger” and it will place your order.

A Good Story Teller:

Google home can be your storyteller. If you are feeling bored, then Home will do it for you. “Hey Google, tell me a fairy tale story,” and it will start telling you these majestic stories. And now Home is also promoting read-along feature like say “Hey! Google lets read along with Hansel and Gretel,” and it will activate this feature. That will keep you entertaining and engaged.

Google Home review also circles some of its drawbacks. Let’s have a quick look at it.

Google Home

It’s steady slow:

It is more time consuming, and it will not react to your commands as the Echo does. So, you have to be patient while using Home.

Perform Single Function at a Time:

This is a bit annoying feature of Home like you are playing music and suddenly you ask a question from Home. Then you need to stop it from playing music; then, it will answer your question. And when you ask it to start the music again, it will play music from the beginning, which is very irritating.

Limited Connectivity of Smart Devices:

Google home is not much capable of being connected to as many devices as Amazon Echo Can.

Non-Availability of Battery:

This is the most significant lacking of this device that this does not own a battery in it. Home always needs a plugin to function because there is load shedding in many countries, so it will not perform when the electricity is not available.

Hearing limitation:

Google Home is unable to hear from a specific distance. Therefore, you have to speak loudly or give multiple commands to make it understandable.


According to Google Home review, this device is not available in most of the countries as its competitors Amazon Echo. Now, Home is available in less than ten countries. On the other hand, the Echo is available in almost 30 countries.


If you are in a dilemma to buy a smart speaker, this Goggle Home review will surely help you.  As it has some positive points like it’s easy to use and operate it. Also, better audio quality is provided, and this keeps you entertaining as well. The most impressive feature of Home is that it can act as the right partner for the lonely people that used to stay alone. They can spend their time while talking to this device.

But here we should also keep in mind the drawbacks of Home that it can’t send and receive emails for us. So, we have to use our smartphone for this purpose. It does not have many commands buttons on it by which it can be used in a better way. Now the last and the biggest thing that you should keep in mind while purchasing Google Home is that it does not own a battery. Like you have on your smartphone and laptops, and it will be frustrating most of the time.