Everyone is fitness conscious and is always trying to keep up with the active lifestyle. Fitness trackers have taken the market by storm from the past couple of years. The Jawbone Up24 is no exception. I found out that this fitness tracker is a wonder in itself. It looks great and pretty much syncs with both iOS and android phones by using the Bluetooth.

This fitness tracker is simple to use and tracks your sleep, meals and calories, steps and helps you keep up with your active and busy schedules. It is extremely light weight and is very comfortable to wear. It is water resistant so you don’t have to worry about your tracker getting accidentally splashed with water.


  • Water resistant
  • Easy to use
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Wrist worn bracelet design
  • Tracks sleep, calories, steps
  • The device allows you to sync with iPhone and android phones via Bluetooth.
  • Compatible colorful app to match.
  • Pretty impressive battery life.
  • Great compatibility
  • Gives vibration alertsJawbone UP24

The Jawbone UP 24 is an updated version of the original Jawbone UP activity tracker. This fitness tracker’s update has managed to make this a very likable product. This tracker tracks your sleep-wake cycle and helps us to get some more sleep. The app’s sleep mode is very accurate. There is a smart sleep alarm that wakes you up with a gentle vibration. The jawbone UP 24 comes pretty close in getting your meal intake logged right. It allows you to scan or type the food you have just taken. Logging in the amount of food you’ve just consumed can be a tad bit tedious for you.

Talking about the battery life, the Bluetooth syncing reduces the battery life of the Jawbone UP 24 but it still manages to last till seven days. The original version lasted for 10 days but I think it’s worth it for the addition of the wireless Bluetooth syncing. The Jawbone 24 app provides a real time battery drain calculator that reminds you to charge your bracelet. The compatibility has been expanded and this fitness tracker supports a handful of android phones that has Bluetooth 4.0. Jawbone UP 24 requires Bluetooth 4.0, Android 4.3 and won’t work with any other android tablets. The design is also very sleek and feels like a bracelet rather than clunky smart watches. It is extremely comfortable to wear since it is light weight.


Jawbone UP24

Tracking Activity via Mobile Phone

Like I have mentioned earlier, the Jawbone UP 24 is an updated version of the original Jawbone UP activity tracker. There have been some upgrades like the addition of wireless connectivity through Bluetooth. It is now compatible with iPhones and a handful of Android phones. The major difference between the original Jawbone and the Jawbone Up 24 is the charging point. The old band had a port that could fit into a headphone jack which is how we could charge and sync the device. The charging point in the upgraded version is not compatible with a headphone jack. However, it fits into a USB connector and you can plug it into your computer or a wall outlet. But, you will need a USB power adapter as well. The battery life lasts up to seven days which is less than the original band.

The addition of wireless Bluetooth connectivity leads to a lower battery life but that’s okay. This updated fitness tracker is water resistant but not waterproof. I suggest you take it off before you go to swim. There are other fitness trackers that are waterproof so you can look for them if you want a fully waterproof fitness tracker. The Jawbone UP 24 app is the show stealer according to me. It is a very beautiful app with  lots of colors that are used as indicators for your sleep, steps and calorie counting. It can also connect to other apps for health, sports which is a plus point. The only drawback for the app is that it falls short in calorie counting.



  • Light weight and extremely comfortable to wear.
  • Measures your deep and light sleep.
  • Connects with apps for health, sports and calorie counting.
  • Very colorful app to match the tracker.
  • Thin and sleek design.
  • Counts your steps.
  • Smart alarm system
  • Good battery life
  • Wireless syncing via Bluetooth


  • There is no display.
  • This has a basic calorie counting feature.
  • The ends of band don’t sit flat and that might come as not that appealing to you.
  • It lacks an altimeter.
  • The sleep mode is not automatic.
  • Requires smartphone and won’t work in tablets.
  • A little pricey


If you are totally okay with the mobile only access to your data and no display then you can buy this fitness tracker. This is a pretty much updated version of the original Jawbone activity tracker that has added some pretty great features. The plus point of this tracker is that it now allows wireless syncing via Bluetooth for both IPhones and a handful of androids. There are other contemporaries that will allow more features compared to the Jawbone UP 24 fitness tracker.

The Fitbit Force and Nike FuelBand SE are the competitors of Jawbone UP24. The “no display” was a major downer for me. I would like my fitness tracker to show me the steps I have walked and the calorie intake within the band itself. The smart vibration alerts is pretty handy but then reaching out to grab your phone all the time is not convenient. The calorie count is also pretty basic so I didn’t find it that amusing. The fact that this tracker is only splash resistant and not water resistant is also not much a selling point. You can find other fitness trackers that offer you water proof feature.


The Jawbone UP24 comes at $150 which can be a little pricey. If you think this fitness tracker meets everything that you’re looking for then you can go for it. If not, you can still look for other alternatives with the features that meet your requirements. As for me, this is a great fitness tracker but it has some downers so I’d rather look for alternatives.