Are you looking for the best free antivirus for your Personal computer or mobile phone? With every passing day, the challenge of protecting your windows and Mac PCs is getting intensity. As, certain viruses are becoming stronger to hold your window and mac pc. Although, there are windows defender that always struggles against ransomware and malware. But the situation becomes intense. Therefore, certain antiviruses are required to have a viral free and smooth system over your windows and mac pc.

For this purpose, there is a strong need to install antiviruses.  Not only antiviruses but also free antivirus for windows to keep your windows and mac pc safe. This free antiviruses for mac pc and window will be free of cost and will be as efficient as paid antiviruses. Different viruses are in the field to serve you the best. These will stand against Trojans, spyware, botnets, ransomware, and other existential malware. Below are the best and free antiviruses for Mac Pcs and windows.  Which will protect your windows against cybersecurity threats and will remove threats and dangers from users operating systems? Below are the free antivirus download links and their details for you to get a better insight.

1. Panda Free Antivirus:

Panda free antivirus download

It is one of the best and free antiviruses for Windows PC and Android devices. The ease that people feel in its use is due to its appealing and persuasive display on the dashboard. According to antivirus review, it is easy, comfortable, and has a 100% virus detection rate which attracts beginners. It has a powerful firewall that blocks intrusions more competently than other free viruses.  It accesses a Virtual private network that will benefit you at using public wi-fi networks. Along with data usage access of 150 MB per day that will assist you at emailing and web browsing. But unfortunately not for file sharing and live streaming. But you can access parental controls, password managers, and strong malware protection by getting the Panda Dome premium package.

Panda antivirus is popular because its free, powerful, easy, secure, and safe to run on your windows, Mac Pc, and mobile phone. You can download this antivirus for free following the link given below.

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2. Avira Free Antivirus:

free avira Antivirus  Windows & Mac Pc

This free antivirus for windows and mac pc protects your windows against phishing scams and harmful website viruses. One of the distinctive features that it has is its ability to operate at the cloud instead of your pc. Antivirus review marks this antivirus among best and free antiviruses due to its cloud operating system. As, this cloud operating system has two important advantages:

  • First, it fights against malware using its servers and operating system. It builds a wall between Avira and hackers and it becomes difficult for them to access the information that Avira contains and they fail to hack it.
  • Second, it has one of the smallest plus lightest antivirus engines as contrasted to its competitors. Its efficiency can be guessed based on its performance in an older window where it runs a smooth system without interrupting speed.

IT experts recommend it as the best solution due to its efficiency and smooth running in windows. It has gained wide popularity because of its efficiency, lightweight and powerful protection against malware without requiring extra space. To get more from this solid protective virus, you can get Avira prime plan. Below is the Avira free antivirus download link:

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3. Bitdefender’s Antivirus:

Bitdefender's Antivirus free antivirus download

It is a 100 % perfect malware detector that functions in the background for the safety, and protection of windows and Mac PCs. According to an expert, it has been recognized among best antiviruses from free antivirus for mac pc wand windows due to its free nature and monitoring. Just install it and let it run in the background without any interruption. It enjoys a smooth run without any interruption unless there is any suspicious activity program. It detects malware and scans all unauthentic activity and respond to these hazardous activities automatically just based on settings command.

Unfortunately, it does not access various wide-area tasks as parental controls, password managers, and VPN but still it has been ranked as efficient antivirus software and strongest malware detector in antivirus review. Its advanced protection feature protects against ransomware that immediately responds to any harming activity in windows and Mac PC.  Its anti-phishing feature is quite good which alerts Mac Pc and window about any unsafe and harming web forms. Here is a link for free antivirus download:

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4. Kaspersky Security Cloud:

top 5 antivirus for mac and windows

It attracts people looking not only for free and best antiviruses for Windows, Mac, and mobile phones. Because it not only detects harmful viruses and malware attacking your computers along with system cleanup but also helps you to password managing, intense web searching, and scanning with a daily limit of 200 MB.

Antivirus review highlighted that it is pretty good as compared to Panda’s free VPN limit of 150 MB. As it maintains privacy with a VPN. Unfortunately, it has been reviewed a little bit worst due to its limit to login which of course does not satisfy users. But above all, it is free along with powerful antivirus and security cloud with some most attractive and effective features. Below is the link to free antivirus download which can help you to get it.

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5. Sophos Home Free:

Download Sophos Home for Free

Another safe, secure, and free malware detector of windows and mac pc is Sophos Home Free. This free antivirus for Windows and Mac Pc is playing a central role in the protection of personal information and devices from suspicious intruders. These suspicious intruders can steal your information and data which means a lot to you. According to software review, it has been ranked as safe and helpful as it acts as a hurdle between you and undesirable content that you do not want to see. It also permits its users to access parental controls through which they can monitor their kids. Hence, it will help to monitor their web browsing and can add a restriction over them.

It serves as a real protector against malware that restricts malicious website content to reach you. A user can install it free but it has the limit in downloading it up to three devices. But if you need more you can get Sophos Home premium. This user-friendly antivirus is helping people with the best parent control services.

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Thus, we just discussed some of the best anti-viruses to protect your PC from malware and other security threats. Which one would you like to download and install?