As food is an important part of our balanced diet and now everyone has become conscious of his/her food. As there is a shift in interest from junk food to healthy food. Everyone is a health-conscious foodie perhaps they want to live a healthy and balanced life. But what if we are eating healthy food and not drinking healthy?

So, we need not only to eat healthily but also to drink healthy. It is still not enough, what about the things that can help us in eating and drinking healthy, we cannot minus them from the menu. Think about the scenario in which you can afford the healthy things to eat but not the items that can make your eating healthy. It is a sympathetic one and keeping in view the need of you below is the Best smoothie blender under $100 that can be your partner in the journey of healthy eating. 

NutriBullet Pro:

Best Smoothie Blender

NutriBullet Pro is the best smoothie blender under $100 and a personal mixer that has portable lids and bottles. It is a perfect blender for its exceptional performance, affordability, and reliability. This smoothie is the best match for smoothie, soups and shakes. It has an amazing power motor of 900 watt in a tiny size. Its high-torque power extracts healthy nutrients and vitamins for your skin. Nuts and stems can be easily ground extracting all healthy and lively nutrients. This is possible because of its extractor blades which are designed keeping in view cyclonic action.

Among the other remarkable features is its to-go design having leaking resistance lid. It has been designed keeping in view the needs of users. Its 32oz blending cup and 24oz tall made its users to prepare food and smoothie more than enough. These cups have lip rings with handle which they can have it where they want. 

This best smoothie blender under $100 have a proper guideline that makes you conscious about your eating. It does not let you feel the need of nutritionist. As, it has pocket nutritionist. This 13-piece blender consisting of two cups with re-sealable lids, its affordable price, and powerful motor marked it popular among its users. It got 1000 plus reviews on Amazon because of its easy and comfortable features. It is available at Amazon, eBay and other popular websites. 

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Nutri Ninja Pro Blender:

Best Smoothie Blender

It is hard to believe that such an amazing piece can be available at a budget of $100. But the fact is that this smoothie has impressive 900-watt power which helps you with even your hard item and nuts to split with the corporation of Nutri Ninja Pro Extractor blades. These two attack fruits, nuts, and vegetables to give you a juicy smoothie. 

Nutri Ninja Pro Blende fulfills your need of getting the best smoothie blender under $100 and is easy to use. Different parts are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free and can be easily removed for cleaning. It contains two cups of sizes as 24oz and 18oz along with seal and sip lids. Thus making it the most effective blender of frozen fruits. Users can get it anywhere due to its To-go structure. But unfortunately, you cannot use this powerful and heavy-duty design blender for crushing ice. 

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Oster BLSTMB- CGB-000 Pro 1200 blender: 

The best thing that is common among all these smoothie blenders is the budget that is up to $100 and also their reliable structure. The motor power of Oster blender is 1200-watt with ice breaking power of 900-watt. It fulfilled the demand of smoothie lovers as they can have any kind of smoothie with it. It prepares a healthy smoothie for them. As, it extracts all different kinds of nutrients and vitamins of fruits and vegetables. This helps in getting different smoothies as milkshakes, ice shakes, fruit smoothies, vegetable smoothies, frozen smoothies, and also nut butter blends.

It operates at smart setting technology, through which it becomes easy to control and use it. It is one of the popular blenders on eBay and amazon because of its dual blades, thermal resistance glass jar, dishwasher safe, heavy-duty design, ice crushing power, and to-go mechanism. Another remarkable feature is its 10 years warranty which highlights it among its competitors. 

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KitchenAid KSB1570SL 5-Speed Blender: 

This is something that we should not miss while talking about the best smoothie blender under $100. It has been coated for making it an efficient and reliable blender. Steel-reinforced coupler builds a direct connection between motor and blade to get better results. An interesting soft-start feature contribute to have a smooth and slower to fast grip over food to split it well.

However, it is easy to use and handle different blending tasks as ice crushing, liquifying, chopping and stirring ingredients. Intelli-Speed Motor control holds the content and its speed by maintaining a balance. Its die-cast metal base along with metal drive which is easy to clean and wash. Do not ignore that there are chances of its leakage.

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Smoothie Shake Blender: Fochea 3-in-1 Multifunctional Food Processor:

This is also one of the best smoothie blender which received a four-star rating on Amazon. It is more than enough at a budget of $100. It has 700-watt power which can blend your fruits in just 15 seconds. The other advantages that it has are BPA-free parts having a solid base and leakage-free.

Smoothie shake blender helps its users in blending hard nuts, fruits, and vegetables. They can also grind coffee, spices, and every kind of item they want to crush. There are four blazing blades which can crush food just in seconds. It extracts vitamins, proteins, and minerals to make your drinking healthy. It is easy to use and clean due to its portable elements which all can be washed except motor.

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Above are the details that can help you to get a best smoothie blender at the $100 budget. The important thing is to note that these are not only cheap but also efficient and reliable to use. The details of their motor power, structure, blades, and grinding ability will help you to select the best smoothie for you at Amazon, eBay, and other popular e-commerce sites.