Everyone has a desire to grow his/her business so do web developers. When you run a website, you want to ensure your user’s interest over you. The SSL certificate exactly ensures users’ trust over websites. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that builds a link between a web browser and the webserver. This link ensures users that their data is insecure and in safe hands. You need an SSL in order to secure your users’ browsing data. It will maintain the confidentiality of your data. Below are the five websites that provide a free SSL certificate of domain validation for blogging.

Although, different SSL providers give a variety of certificates and security it provides. These SSL providers offer certificates for the validation of data. The basic certificates that these registrars give include domain validated certificate, extended validated certificate, and organization validated certificate. Despite the fact that their cost ranges from free to a hundred dollars.

Best Free SSL Registrar – GoDaddy:

Free SSL Certificate

Go Daddy is the world’s largest and best registrar of free SSL. It has more than 60 million domains which attract internet users. Domain-validated certificates extended validated certificates, and organization validated certificates increase website confidence. It is also empowering entrepreneurs to develop their businesses with exceptional services. Which include extensive funding that will contribute to the security and authenticity of the source. It is based on PKI structure assuring high availability and recovery.

It is the best free SSL certificate registrar which gives security access of one year for free. People can build their business in writing and blogging with its help. All web browsers and devices can identify and recognize them. GoDaddy certificates increase user’s interest over your website while focusing on the privacy of its users. While you are writing your personal blog, it will mark it more authentic and secure with a padlock.

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CA authority – Let’s Encrypt:

Free SSL Certificate

Let’s Encrypt is an open and free SSL certificate authority (CA) which makes your data secure.  Linux Foundation created Let’s Encrypt with the collaboration of Facebook, Mozilla, and other popular tech company’s sponsorship. They sponsored it in order to help common people. Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) provides services for data validation. It gives certificates for personal content and blogging in a user-friendly environment.

The one who has a domain name can easily get a free SSL certificate. It is based on an automatic system from the issuance of a certificate to renew your certificate. Site operators help its user with a secure TLS connection. The issuance of certificates is automatic and open to get the trust of the public.  All types of certificates that it offers are free of cost but with the limit of three months. After three months, you can renew your issuance process on the basis of your free trial.

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Comodo gives its users a digital certificate that functions for the security of its user server. This Comodo free SSL certificate is as effective as the paid ones are. Because, it is identifiable by 99.9% of web browsers and they recognize it. After getting it,  you will receive a golden padlock on your web page and your users will not get any security warning. It will ensure the trust of your website content to attract more traffic.

You can get access to it for your blogging career. As, it can be issued easily without any delayed paperwork. Its free access to the server has the strength of 2048 bit signatures / 256-bit encryption. It is identifiable by different devices and web browsers. Free of cost services are of one month. Later, you can get on to pay on behalf of the confidence you attained in your free time. This one-month free exposure will be healthy. Therefore, you can test the success of your blogging and can add personalized content with it. Which can give a clear image of your future success and directions.

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SSL For Free:

SSL for free is a digital certificate authority that provides its users a free access to security. Hence, all the major browsers and devices can recognize and identify it.  ACME server use domain validation to create certificates for its users. You can secure your website for blogging within seconds with this free SSL Certificate. It has its own ACME server along with ACME plug-ins. So, it assures the privacy of keys which can never be transmitted. It creates a private key using the cryptography API. The keys are deleted after the creation of the document. It allows its users a domain validation certificate of three months. It also allows other certificates in a free trial within minutes. If your webpage does not support cryptography API then keys are generated with OpenSSL.

So, this SSL For Free helps you to maintain your web security. You can get free data validated certificate and other of your choice. It uses its own server to create private and non-transmitted keys for issuance of blogs and web content in a confidential way.

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Geo-Trust is also a free SSL certificate authority that builds the users trust on the website. Which has important features as an automated domain name validation certificate. This SSL server is identifiable by different major web browsers, mobile browsers, and smartphones. It is easy to operate having 256-bit encryption. However, anyone can access it after installation.

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So, above are the websites that can help you to increase the trust of your potential customers. These offer different certificates that will pave your way to a secure connection. So, you can modify your website security and the content it contains with SSL certificates. There are paid and free SSL registrars in the market but you need a free from above. In order to get a secure and free web connection, you can get an SSL certificate from any of the above sites. These all have an easy and free of cost way that can lead you to a secure world. It will build a link between the content or personal blogs of your website with SSL server. It automatically guards your web content and marks it as secure.  

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