Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Parenting starts before conception. Therefore, parents must be physically, psychologically, socially and financially prepared for healthy parenting.

Economic stability, community connectedness,personal transformation, social and emotional involvement, parenting skills and knowledge, healthy marriage and co-parenting are the basic requirements for healthy parenting. That’s why being connected with popular parenting books may help to accomplish those requirements of parenting.

Parenting books that teach and inspire parents and offer a path to making parenting easier, not just for individuals but for all of us.Almost all information could be gained via doctors, elders, internet.However, parenting books lead for keeping you knowledgeable in the art of parenting.

Couples need to be a bit more patience when it comes to parenting. Nevertheless, making one of the best parenting books available could also be possible to make couples more conscious on healthy parenting.


This is one of the world’s best selling, top-rated parenting books that answer the most commonly asked questions immediately after the 52 weeks of pregnancy.

This book clearly explains everything parents need to know about the first year with a new baby. Hence, this could also be a toddler parenting book.

It could bea complete first-year manual that helps you become the best-equipped parents possible.

Since First Year is easier-to-read, faster-to-flip-through, and packed with even more practical tips, realistic advice, and relatable, accessible information than before, this parenting book might lead the parents towards healthy and successful parenting.

Highlights of the book:

  • Tips on preparing baby foods
  • Buying for baby products
  • Attachment parenting,
  • Sleep training
  • Early potty learning
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Green parenting
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2. The Conscious Parent

This is another wonderful parenting book based on the premises that children are born to us to create deep internal transformation within us.

Every parent desires a unique strategy to raise well-behaved, academically gifted, successful, happy children. Therefore such parenting books helps those parents creating an effective strategy themselves.

This book has so much good information that will change our prospective of parenting that teaches methods for connecting with our children by analyzing the feelings behind the behavior.

Furthermore, this book teaches how not to over react and to stop trying to fix everything over children and helps parents to raise their children best by developing themselves.

The author gives great examples, possible dialogues and even her personal experiences to show what works and what doesn’t during conflict times with children. The author breaks down a child’s mind in such a way that anyone who wants to be a thoughtful parent and truly enjoy being a mom needs to read this book.

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3. The Happiest Baby on the Block

This is another fascinating, fun and convincing parenting book which enables parents to know how babies experience the world. This book promotes healthy, happy baby and offers sensible and insights into infant sleep, bed sharing, breastfeeding, swaddling and many more.

On the other hand, this parenting book guides parent to transform even the fussiest infant into the happiest baby on the block.

Since this book has been used by my relatives, four main revolutionary concepts namely The Fourth Trimester, The Calming Reflex, The 5 S’s and The Cuddle Cure are the attractions of “ The Happiest Baby on The Block”.

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4. The Whole- Brain Child

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This book basically gives you idea about what’s going on in your child’s brain and thereby helps in understanding the mental development of your child.

Furthermore, this book has set up 12 basic strategies to know in depth on mental growth and development of your child and parent’s role in their development.

However, parents are not being able to understand the psychology of their children. Therefore parenting books like this could be an effective weapon to understand the intellectual function of their children thereby accomplishing those desires.

5. Parenting with Love and Logic

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This book is mainly based on step by step learning manual that teaches you how to teach your children being ready for the world as they become an adult.

This book is highly focused on shaping the healthy, emotional and intellectual development which teach your children the actual meaning of responsibility.

On the other hand, this parenting book also helps in building a solid character in your child without anger.

Furthermore, the book emphasizes on the practical and proven techniques principles that enable parents on raising responsible, confident and loving children.


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Teaching your child to be disciplined is not an easy task.Child feelings and psychology must be taken into consideration in order to teach them self-discipline and positive manners.

However, children needs to be taught about positive discipline since the early beginning. Therefore, parents would be the primary source to guide their children with developing positive attitudes, discipline and good manner. In contrast, this parenting book guides parents leading them towards healthy parenting thereby developing positive discipline in their children. Consequently, a respective nation would get productive, disciplined and a responsible citizen.

On the other hand, this parenting book also suggests some strategies;

  • Building positive relationship with children.
  • Always encourage your child instead of punishments.
  • Solve the problem together with your child.

Those above mentioned strategies enable parents raising disciplined and responsible children.

7. Shepherding a Child’s Heart

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The thing that your child says, does and interprets is from their heart. Therefore, it is essential to understand them by getting into their heart. In contrast, parents need to know how to speak with their children for not just creating children’s behaviour but getting into the heart of children.

Hence, this book is all about how to speak to the heart of your child.

Knowing your child’s up to their heart may help in solving all the conflicts arising between parents and children. Parents having children more than two years of age are mostly using this book. Nevertheless, it could also be used since the period of pregnancy.

8. How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids

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Parents are the first teacher of every child. Nevertheless, parents aren’t being able to raise their kids intellectually.

Kids observe all the signs, body languages and words that their parents used. Therefore, parents need to be even more cautious while talking with their children or in presence of them.

Children usually copy fast from their parents. Hence, parents needs to interpret things in more convenient way and most importantly, parents must not show their frustrations in presence of their kids.

“How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids” is all about how to control your anger, frustrations, haphazard words in presence of your kids so that a sound culture is developed in your family and it ultimately contributes for psychological and intellectual development of your children.

9. The Kickass Single Mom

The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children
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Being a single mom itself is a challenging job. This parenting book emphasizes readers how a single mom could balance her professional life along with her children (family life).

This book mainly focused on those single mothers who wanted to drive rather than just survive. This book empowers readers how a single mom could be an inspiration, a role model to her children.

Furthermore, how a single mom would reflect the status of women empowerment in the respective society, is the point of attraction of “The Kickass Single Mom”.

10. The New Dad’s Survival Guide

The New Dad's Survival Guide: What to Expect in the First Year and Beyond by [Rob Kemp]
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Healthy parenting involves the active participation of both father and mother in rearing and caring of their children. Father has also important roles to play in rearing of his kids .In contrast, changes in his lifestyle pattern is usually common after having kids .Therefore, this book suggests some tricks for fathers on adjustment with changing life style arising after being a dad.

This book has also been able to get the highest rating around the world, especially more in US. Many users had said that the book is very useful.

This book is much useful for those fathers who wants to be involved in births and rearing of their kids. Although father doesn’t give birth to a baby but desire of being attached with the children remains desperate for fathers.

Hence, “The New Dad’s Survival Guide”helpsnew fathers loosen up and enjoy the new baby process and is  truly a great gift for new dads.

Pros of parenting books

Connecting with parenting books enable parents to understand how to:

cope with colicky baby?

know when your baby is really sick and when call a doctor?

get baby to sleep through the night?

it can be the best time to wean baby?

connect with a child?

decide when to go back to work?

be a friend with your own child?

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