An above-ground hot tub has enormous benefits of easier installation and maintenance than an in-ground hot tub. However, there are still some important factors to consider before bringing it home. Here we present you the helpful information on facts, reviews, and tips for above-ground hot tubs.

If you’ve decided to buy an above-ground hot tub, which is the best choice for your home—above ground hot tubs, tend to be more affordable upfront than in-ground and, on top of that, require less maintenance. 

Above-ground tubs can usually be placed much near to your house, and are almost always preheated and ready for you to soak into it. Moreover, they generally cost less per month to run than that of in-ground. However, you aren’t all set yet! When choosing the suitable above ground hot tub, there are many things to consider, which we have discussed below.

Things to consider before buying an Above-ground hot tub

An above-ground hot tub has a decidedly more easy installation process, and so does maintenance than an in-ground hot tub, but there are still these are the things which we must be aware of.

Grounds: Most of the hot tubs require a 3-4 inch chunky slab of level concrete upon which to rest, so kindly make sure you build (or measure) your space before purchasing any.

Maintenance: Tubs with ozone or ionization filtration built-in systems save more money and time in the long run with zero or reduced need for chemical sanitizers. If you’re looking for more savings upfront, a hot tub that only requires sanitizers will cost much less, but it requires weekly maintenance and sanitizer. Hence, make sure that you purchase the right sanitizer with no odor to avoid the chlorine scent. To keep your hot tub always fresh, choose the one with a cleaning system to suit your preference.

Budget: Whenever you are calculating your budget for a hot tub, be sure to consider your energy bill and units it may consume.

Energy-efficient models should earn back their additional upfront costs with a lower energy bill—good for your wallet and the environment! Use an energy calculator to estimate your projected budget.

How can you customize Your Above Ground Hot Tub?

Now for more fun, let’s find about customizing and designing the hot tub to complement your aesthetics and lifestyle.

Appearance: Above ground hot tubs come in various colors and finishes. Take a look at the fields where you’re fixing your hot tub and decide: a rustic wood-paneling cabinet with an elegant stone exterior. Just imagine a white marble interior or perhaps with a bright blue finish on the inner side. Would a triangular-shaped hot tub suit the corner of your patio? Or, do your surroundings of garden beg for an oval design? Be assured of these things.

Accessorise: When choosing out jets, you must remember that placement has more importance than quantity. If it is is possible, test out the hot tub to make sure the jets are in a perfect position. Also, check the strength of your target massage needs. Are you looking for more than pure relaxation? Many hot tubs include lights, waterfalls, and even televisions! And don’t forget the fundamental questions like how many people in your hot tub for? Do you want a bench, molded, or lounge seats?

If you have trouble in choosing it, then relax. We have piled up a few best above-ground hot tubs that are suitable for you and your family below.

Northern Star 6 Person Starlight Hot Tub

Above ground hot tub

Available from: $6695.00

Product Details:

  • 6 Person Capacity
  • 45 Jets With Lounge Style Seating
  • Waterfall Included!
  • Bluetooth Sound System Included!
  • Colored LED/Jet Mood Lighting Included!

Western Star 6 Person Starlight Hot Tub

Western Star 6 Person Starlight Hot Tub

Available from: $6,995.00

Product Details:
  • 6 Person Capacity
  • 45 Jets With Lounge Style Seating
  • Bluetooth Sound System Included
  • Waterfall
  • Colored LED/Jet Mood Lighting

Sirius 7 Person Starlight Hot Tub Lounge Spa

Sirius 7 Person Starlight Hot Tub Lounge Spa

Available from: $8,795.00

Product Details:

  • 7 Person Capacity
  • 115 Jets With Lounge Style Seating
  • Waterfalls Included!
  • Bluetooth Sound System Included!
  • Deluxe multi-colored LED jet lighting included!

So, we just saw some of the eye-catching hot tubs that can be built above the ground. You may pick the one that fits your preference!

The Bottom Line:

An above-ground hot tub adds a welcome treat to almost any backyard or patio. Easy installation and Maintainance are some of the factors that we found promising in this above ground hot tub. We strongly recommend you to buy from trusted sellers like PoolWareHouse and so on.