A beautiful house, dream job and the perfect family is the dream of many adults. A perfect family is what makes a house a home. There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home. As we all know “Safety Is Priority” our first priority is to protect the people who wait for us to get home and the things in our life we value the most. So, to protect our loved ones and belongings from any kind of harm, installation of ADT home security system is mandatory for the safety of all. ADT home security takes all the responsibility for you.

Edward Callahan was a founder of ADT (American District Telegraph) home security system which is the biggest name in home security. ADT is the company with 140 years of experience in home security. It comes to my mind when I think of traditional home security. ADT home security system transmits video and pictorial information. It has advanced equipment’s which only works for home safety.

It also offers professional monitoring which gives peace of mind and protection to our family. Nowadays, the blue and white door stickers of ADT have become an iconic symbol. Each ADT home security includes a digital panel, entryway contacts, wireless keychain remote, motion detector plus much more latest technology. This kind of services keeps home, property, and family in a safe and sound environment.

Key features

24 hours monitoring

Appointing security guards to protect the property 24 hours is not quite possible. An effective solution to this problem is ADT home security system which offers 24 hours monitoring of the security system. 24 hours monitoring ensures that appropriate action can be super quickly taken if someone set off an alarm at our property while we are not in our home. Trained operators are on standby 24 hours a day. A home that has ADT alarm system installed are at in less risk from being targeted by burglars.

ADT home security systemADT control app (mobile app)

If I ask anyone these days to name one thing they carry all the time, the mobile phone would probably top the list. We carry out all the tasks through our mobile phone. Mobile phone indeed makes our lives easy and convenient. And the interesting part is this home security provides us a user-friendly application which is easy to use on both iPhone and androids. ADT control mobile app helps us to control our whole security system through anywhere. We can turn on or off our house’s light, AC anything before leaving home. We can arm or disarm the ADT security system right from the mobile application.

So, people put the overall control of your house in your hands. Be ready to monitor your home from mobile app.

Offers different cameras

ADT home security system offers different cameras which give us HD recording. Through different cameras, we can position to view our home from phone or laptop. Many of them record everything non-stop. In case if something happens, we will have evidence to share with authorities.

Provides professional installation

ADT home security system provides us professional installation which meant less work for us. We don’t have to struggle from installation to use.

adt home securityFeel safe and secure

Who does not want to secure their life? I think everybody does. Every human being needs to feel safe and secure in their life. All we want is a secure and peaceful environment for our family. To feel safe and secure our home from any kind of issues ADT is one of them we must need.

Using the ADT home security system I feel safer and secure than ever. If you people want to feel free from risk of harm and secure your life from any doubt give once try to this security system. It will regularly keep your home monitored and safe from any threats.

ADT is the biggest name in the home security. But we all do know that every coin has two parts. Likewise, ADT also has its pros and cons which are mentioned below.

Pros and Cons of ADT Home Security System


  • Super reliable
  • Multiple monitoring centers
  • Affordable monthly monitoring charges
  • Rapid response to alarm
  • They record 24 hour
  • User friendly application for controlling the whole system
  • Alarm system is wireless in signal transmission
  • Increase security
  • Makes home more comfortable and safe
  • Offers remote control of door locks, cameras, sensors etc.



  • Does not offer free installation
  • Disruption in installing a wired system
  • Not a good option for renters(but renter’s security is the landlord responsibility)
  • Have to remember to set the alarms before leaving home
  • May pay for the false alarm
  • Can be costly affairs

Should you buy ADT Home Security System?

I confidently recommend you to use the ADT home security system as they are one of the most trustworthy home security companies and are not capable of being hacked. It comes with additional features such as smoke detectors, flood sensors, carbon monoxide detectors, cameras that protect our home from accidents as well. It is also compatible with Alexa and Google assistant. Plus its advance packages offer smartphone and landline connectivity and indoor cameras.

If you guys want a comprehensive security system that is compatible with home automation devices ADT home security system can be the instant solution. It is the top-rated home security system and is the most in-demand through the decade.

I personally have been using this system and I really think you all must use ADT home security system for you and your family protection as thousands of ADT employees are always ready to help you in case of an emergency. Go check the official page of ADT  and find more about it. I am sure you will love it.


It sounds so simple, but ADT home security is really a key to protecting the family. It will give us both mind peace as well as home safety. The main reason for using this home security system is to avoid fraudulent activity that is rising day by day.

ADT home security system is like a guardian angel for me who take care of my family. It is the luxury style security system. So guys smiling send away all your fears with ADT security. It cares about our security. Give your worries a flying kiss and let it fly away. You deserve it. And one more thing it offers one year warranty also.