I am a baking enthusiast and I bake a lot. Infact, I love baking and surprising my family with sweet treats.Getting the consistency of the batter is a must whenever you are baking. For this, your mixer plays a very important role.I have tried a handful of mixers and heard about Ambiano from a friend.Ambiano is one of the main stand mixers that are sold in the Aldi food store.With the capacity of the bowl of approximately 4.6L and the power 1000W, I had great expectations with this stand mixer.

The design of the mixer seems to be pretty nice and simple.From my experience, I figured out that this is a type of stand mixer that gives you simple design without making you miss out on the latest technology.I got myself a Ambiano stand mixer in grey color.You can get this mixer in black and red color options as well.Now, the only question is: Will it be able to live up to my expectations?Well, you will have to keep up with me to find out.


  • Anti-slip base.
  • Powerful mixing (1000 watt power)
  • Easy tilting head mechanism
  • Performs basic tasks without any hassle
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to read instructions
  • Easy to use
  • Splash proof lid
  • Classic design
  • 8 changeable speeds
  • ABS plastic and stainless steel materials

The Ambiano stand mixer comes with a warranty period of 36 months. The user manual is pretty handy and has simple to follow instructions.The packaging is done in well-protected foam.The mixer is pretty much light weight weighing about 4.6 kgs approximately.Most of the units have a Retro look. The materials used are ABS plastic and stainless steel.It also has anti- slip feet at the bottom which makes it a stable mixer.It has tilting head mechanism that operates through a button. This mechanism makes it easy to add up ingredients and creates hassle free mixing.

When we push the button, the head lifts up and we can gain access to the bowl which is made up of stainless steel. The bowl isprotected with a splash proof lid and a fitting hole. Within the bowl, we will get whisk attachments, dough hook, a beater, additional attachments like ameat grinder accessory, 3x grinding discs, filler tray, 2x sausage making attachment, kebab making attachment, cookie making attachment and a pasta making attachment.The good thing is that the attachments are not made of plastics but are rather made of heavy metals and are coated with silicone.


Talking about the attachment mechanism, the attachment is pretty easy and fast. All the attachments gets attached and locked into the place very easily. The place where the bowl is placed also fits in perfectly well by simply locking the bowl in its place. As mentioned, there are 8 speed settings in Ambiano stand mixer which can be controlled by the illuminated rotary control knob. The speed is pretty impressive but can be a little noisy.

So, I tried to prepare batter for my cake with this mixer and the Ambiano stand mixer did pretty well. The cake batter came out nice and smooth without any lumps.The driving belt and planetary mixing action enables the cake mix and dough to be fully mixed.This made my cake perfect.I noticed the suggested operation time of this mixer is 4 minutes approximately. This might not be sufficient for some other ingredients. Maybe this mixer might overheat if you use it for more than 4 minutes.

I wanted to try it and used it for like 6 minutes. I noticed some burnt plastic like smell. Maybe it is because of overheating issue. I bake on a regular basis.Speaking from my experience, I felt like this mixer is just okay.There are some good sides of this mixture though. The mixture did not move even a little bit at its full speed. In contrast to its lightweight the mixture is pretty much stable. Apart from that, everything was pretty easy to clean including the splash protected lid. It’s light, powerful and does a pretty decent job at mixing simpler ingredients.


  • Affordable
  • Cost effective
  • Pretty stable standing mixture
  • Powerful performance
  • Easy to clean
  • Does a pretty decent job at performing basic tasks.


  • Can be pretty loud at times
  • Cannot perform well on single or little amount of ingredients.
  • The whisk has a hard time reaching the bottom of the bowl.
  • Lacks versatility



Coming at 1000 watts power, Ambiano stand mixer is a powerful performer and does a pretty decent basic task. But would I recommend this standing mixer to you? Well, if you are a beginner and want a simpler mixer that can perform basic tasks well then Ambiano standing mixer might be a good start for you.

If you don’t have a problem with spending a few more bucks then I would recommend you to go for other options. The KitchenAid KSM150SAC Artisan Series is a better alternative to Ambiano Stand mixer. This is a powerful mixer and is pretty much efficient. It is available at $430 whereas Ambiano is available at a much lesser price at just $144. You can find this product only at Aldi stores. If you are lucky then you might even visit this store at the time of sale.


Ambiano stand mixture is perfect for a beginner. Coming at a much affordable price and having a warranty period of 36 months is pretty great. But there are other products that give better performance. If you are willing to pay more and want to get your hands on a more versatile product then you should stick to your decision. If not, Ambiano stand mixture also does a pretty decent job so you can try this product out for starters.