Are you among the fans of a fantastic brand, i.e., Apple and looking for an in-depth review of Apple HomePod? You’ve landed at the right place to know more about it in detail. Without any delay, let’s get started.

Apple HomePod is the newest addition to the Apple family. Apple manages to surprise us every time with its releases. The Apple HomePod is a breakthrough smart speaker that adapts to its location and delivers high- fidelity audio wherever it’s playing. Apple Music and Siri will help you create an entirely new way for you to discover and interact with music at home.

HomePod also helps you with controlling your smart home, helps with everyday tasks with just your voice. I have wanted to own a HomePod ever since I heard about its release, and my boyfriend gifted it to me on my birthday. I was super excited to try this, and I did. Now I want to share how exactly I exactly feel about this little beauty. The HomePod emphasizes sound quality over smarts, and the design is simply stunning.


Apple Homepod

  • Rich and nuanced sound quality with deep bass.
  • Great and sleek design.
  • An incredible listener.
  • High fidelity audio.
  • The biggest brain ever in a speaker.
  • Knows how to work a room automatically.
  • It can be personalized for each person in the family.

The HomePod creates a rich, nuanced sound that defies its size. Standing at less than seven inches tall and weighing about 5.5 pounds, it delivers a precision sound that fills the room and fits almost anywhere in your home. It has a six-microphone array along with an internal bass EQ microphone that analyzes and compensates the effect of the place on the bass response. Thus, it provides rich, consistent sound with a deep bass that surpasses any traditional speaker. An interesting fact is that the bass shines through even at low volume. The six microphones positioned around the HomePodallow it to pick up all the sound in a room through advanced signal processing with echo and noise cancellation.

Advanced signal processing helps Siri to hear you over the music, which is a result of the A8 chip that orchestrates all the remarkable audio innovations inside the HomePod. The real-time audio maximizes the bass while minimizing the distortion, and buffering is faster than real-time. What I loved the most about it is the audio output; it is fantastic every single time. It is available in white and space grey and is gorgeous from every angle.

The setup:

Apple Homepod

Setting up the HomePod is easy and won’t take much of your time. Simply plug it in, and the iOS or iPadOS device will detect it automatically. Place it anywhere in the room, and it will automatically analyze the acoustics and adjusts the sounds based on its location through spatial awareness. HomePod supports Airplay 2 and gives you a rich and well-defined sound. If you add HomePod to multiple rooms, the speakers communicate with each other via Airplay. This will let you play different songs in different rooms or the same song all over the house. This won’t let you miss a beat even if you are halfway through a phone call or listening to a song/podcast on your iPhone by simply handing it off to HomePod.

Siri makes it easy to multitask just with your voice and customizes the listening experience for everyone in your family. From getting the latest weather alert, latest traffic news, sports, setting up multiple timers for different tasks to sending messages as well as controlling your smart home accessories, Siri does it all. Together with Siri, HomePod learns and recognizes up to six different voices to create a personalized listening experience for everybody at your home. If you ask Siri to play some music, then you will get a mix of songs customized just for you from Apple Music based on your listening history and personal preferences. Not only that, but you can also access your messages, reminders, lists, calendars, and make or receive phone calls via private requests. This rescued me from my dad and mom, bugging me to do these tasks for them, and I love it.

Just say “Hey Siri” and let it perform the job as per your request. It’s pretty simple and easy.

Pros and Cons:


  • Great design
  • Excellent, nuanced sound quality
  • Streaming support via Airplay
  • Easy home kit setup and easy control


  • Requires iOS device running iOS 11.2.5 to set up
  • No Bluetooth connectivity or Aux jack for non-iOS devices
  • No built-in support for Spotify, Pandora, and other apps.

HomePod’s best attribute is its sound quality. As promised, HomePod sounds tremendous, and by high, I mean excellent. I tried listening to different songs, and I was pretty much impressed by its performance. The sound is just so perfect that the bass never blasted into distortion territory even with reckless abandon because of the A8 chip keeping it in check.

Apple has prioritized vocals with its processing, and the result is tuneful, punchy, and has a strong bass that rarely any cheap subwoofers or compact speakers could give. It treats complex and intricate music with the respect they deserve. You won’t be getting this kind of amazing sonic experience from Amazon Echo. HomePod sounds more precise and more balanced than the Google Home Max itself and is every bit powerful as the Home Max at about one-third of its size and $50 less.

The HomePod also matches some of the Sonos One which is our editor’s favorite pick. HomePod effortlessly gives off that 360 degrees sound effect, which many have tried and failed to create as promised. Even though this speaker sounds very promising and fascinating, sadly, this isn’t made for everyone. It’s’s specially made for the ones who own iPhone and love Apple Music.

Should you buy Apple HomePod?

Apple HomePod

If you are a loyal Apple user and are happy with the Apple Music, then you should buy this speaker. After all, you are looking for a speaker that sounds great and does almost everything for you. HomePod does it exceptionally well and very much effortlessly. If you don’t own an iPhone or you’re pretty much anyone else, then HomePod probably isn’t the best choice for you. Apple’s innovation is excellent, but it just didn’t make its innovation available to everyone, and that’s sad because this is the best and an outstanding compact speaker ever. There’s an alternative for you, which is the Sonos One. This is the only speaker that comes in close comparison to HomePod in terms of sound and flexibility.


HomePod feels like it’s built to last. The limited warranty period is for one year beginning the date of purchase. It is available at $299 in Best Buy Store.


If you are heavily interested in Apple’s products, then this speaker will be a suitable one for you. If you are a user of the phone other than the iPhone, then it will be best if you look for an alternative to Apple HomePod speaker.