With technologies skyrocketing in recent days, people have been struggling to get in touch with nature. More and more people prefer to spend their time indoors in the comfort of their homes. The big Agnes dream island 15 is made with these people in mind. Now, you can feel the comfort of home even when you are outdoors.

The big Agnes dream 15 is the combination of both style and comfort. It is spacious enough to fit two adults or even three children. Unlike other traditional sleeping bags, Agnes 15 has implemented materials that focus mainly on comfort and insulation.

I, myself, an active camper, and I love indulging with nature as often as possible. I have been using the big Agnes dream island 15 for little over a month now, and I must say it has changed my perspective on camping. The bag is insulated using fire line max synthetic insulation. This has mainly come in handy in those dark, chilly nights.

The overall package, however, is a bit on the larger size so that mobility might be an issue, but if you can get past that, the level of comfort it provides is unmatched. The other thing that I loved about it was its size. I am not that tall, so I can basically fit anywhere, but the Agnes dream island can easily fit people over six ft. (6ft 6inchs to be exact.) On the outside, the Agnes seems like any other sleeping bag; however, it has a lot of tricks up its sleeves.

Big Agnes Dream Island 15


  • Spacious enough for two adults
  • Options for using a single 50” sleeping pad or two 25” sleeping pads
  • Insulated using fire line max synthetic insulation(50% post-consumer recycled polyester)
  • Insulate zipper draft tube
  • Built-in pillow pockets
  • Lightweight shell with water repellent finish

The Big Agnes Dream Island 15, on its own, is very compact and easily portable. However, the sleeping pads turn the story on its head since they are rather large and heavy. The fire line max synthetic insulation helps provide warmth even if the surface you are sleeping on is relatively damp. The fire line max insulation is composed of 50% post-consumer recycled polyester. You might want to steer clear when it hails, but the big Agnes can easily handle a light shower.

The integrated draft tubes restrict the flow of cold air inside the sleeping bag. Unlike other traditional sleeping bags, the big Agnes contains loops in the interior for secure attachment of bag liners. The hood lets you lift and move your head, even when fully zipped up. It has a one-handed cinch adjustment system which helps you to adjust your position inside the bag easily.

Big Agnes Dream Island 15

Horizontal baffles have been used for the flow construction that creates tunnels of warmth that wraps around your body. These horizontal baffles also prevent insulation from shifting and prevents from creating cold spots. It also has a free-range foot box, which allows plenty of room for your happy feet. The built-in pillow pockets can hold your jackets for headrest in case you forget to bring a pillow with you.

The flaps around the zippers prevent cold air from entering inside the sleeping bag and provide a warm snug sensation. It is also rated at 15 degrees, which means you will be warm in temperature as low as 15 degrees in the big Agnes; however, the sensation warmth might differ from one person to another.



Although the big Agnes seems like the perfect companion for your camping trips, it does have its downfalls as well. For starters, the price of the big Agnes dream island starts at about 200$, which is not cheap. It does, however, provide services worth the extra penny. The bottom of the sleeping bag, although water-resistant, is not adequately insulated so, using a sleeping pad is a must. Those sleeping bags are not included in the bundle and have to be purchased separately.

The extra cost of the sleeping pad might take the overall price of this bundle over 300$. The option to buy a single or double sleeping pads might come handy in this scenario. You can also compress the sleeping bag into a smaller form that will easily fit in your backpack. The sleeping pads, on the other hand, are rather large in both size and weight. A single sleeping pad weighs almost 9 pounds. You might have to look into a car that has a spacious trunk. I think it is safe to say that portability is not a strong point for the big Agnes Island 15.

Big Agnes Dream Island 15


You already have an idea about who the targeted audiences are for this product. If you love camping as a couple and can spend a couple of dollars, then you are going to love the big Agnes. Is it worth the cash? For the perfect car camper, probably so.

If you’re the type of people ride an along with a camp-stove espresso maker, Lexan wine glasses, and leg-rest-equipped camp chairs, then the Big Agnes setup will be up your alley. Agnes Island 15 is only applicable for car camping because of the bag and pad’s size and weight. Each one of them weighs more than 9 pounds, and that makes about 19 pounds for the pair. Packing them up in smaller form is not possible as each one of them requires significant trunk space. The big Agnes will set you back about $260 in Amazon, and the sleeping pads will cost you extra.


If you want the ultimate in-the-wild sleep system, then the Dream Island might just be your bed. But, if you are not fond of packing large utilities and just want a small hike and camp, you are better off with more modest and a more portable sleeping bag for which you don’t have to spend a fortune. The Oasky’s three-season /Red camp cotton fennel could be good alternatives for you if you are concerned about the budget.