The invention of headlamps has made our lives so much easier. I love camping and trekking outdoors. I have used different kinds of headlamps so far and I have always wanted a much lighter and a powerful headlamp. Black diamond spot seemed promising so I thought of getting my hands on this headlamp. I consulted my friends before purchasing the black diamond spot and almost everyone said this is the best headlamp so far. I finally decided to purchase and I did. It did manage to live up to my expectations.


Black Diamond Spot

  • Waterproof with IPX8
  • High durability and long-lasting
  • Great quality
  • Great spot light capability
  • Multi-modal
  • Easy to use
  • Gives off bright light
  • Light weight
  • Easily packable
  • Power tap for brightness adjustment of lights
  • Strong performance

The black diamond spot is undoubtedly an excellent headlamp for outdoors. It has IPX8 waterproofing and has 300 lumens of brightness. It is not ultra-light but is lightweight. It promises high durability and lasts for longer period of time. The performance is strong so I pretty much liked it. The power tap feature makes it easy to change the light settings. Just a simple tap can change the side of the lights and allows turning the lights. It is compact and sits close to the head of the wearer. The comfortable strap holds the headlamp in place not allowing it to bounce around.

                                                                              WHAT MORE?

The black diamond spot headlamp is clearly a classic headlamp with powerful performance. I might as well call it a powerful headlamp. The features like single button functionality, 300 lumens, a battery life indicator and a power tap feature is something worth buying.

However, the black diamond spot does not have rechargeable batteries, unlike the ReVolt ones. The black diamond has button gestures and has the same modes that ReVolt has. The black diamond spot is best for multi-day trips and long trips in the dark.It is easily packable and feels light on the head. I never liked heavy headlamps as it felt like carrying a weight on my head. It can resist water for about 30 minutes despite of it being waterproof. So, I suggest you not to keep it long enough in water which is more than 30 minutes.

If you want a complete waterproof headlamp then you can look for Black diamond Storm. Black Diamond storm is more expensive than the Black Diamond spot but is fully waterproof.But it is heavier than the average headlamps. The black diamond spot is a strong performer in case of finding trails. The wide beam lights for about 94 meters which is pretty impressive. One major disappointment for me was the below-average battery life.It promises a battery life of about 175 hours when used in low power mode and stays put for 30 hours when used in high power mode. The high power mode is at 300 lumens.

The good thing is it indicates battery life. The black diamond weighs about 3.1 ounces which is light compared to other headlamps. But there is a much lighter headlamp which is Black diamond Iota which weighs about only 1.9 ounces. The Black Diamond storm and Zebra light are much heavier than the Black Diamond spot. The single button use might require a little bit of practice but it is okay because you will get a hang of it after using it for few times.



  • Offers excellent optics.
  • Offers a bright wide beam.
  • Great spotlight quality.
  • Waterproof with IPX8.
  • 300 lumens of brightness.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • High-quality performance.
  • Wide and evenly lit flood beam.


  • Battery life is not that satisfactory.
  • Lacks rechargeable batteries.
  • Waterproof is applicable only for 30 minutes.
  • Low power mode performance is not great.


This headlamp is pretty lightweight in contrast to its wide beam and trail performance. It is much cheaper than it’s the BD storm and Zebra light and much lighter. Although BD Spot lacks some features provided by the BD Storm and Zebra light, the performance is hard to ignore.

The Power Tap technology allows you to adjust brightness with just a single tap and this feature works well even if you are wearing gloves. A black diamond spot is an all-rounder headlamp that is ideal for outdoors. I definitely suggest you buy this headlamp as it comes as pretty lightweight, easy to pack, has a strong performance. It is a high performer in relation to its price.

There are cheaper alternatives for you if you don’t want to spend much on the Black diamond spot. The much pricier options promise better performance but they are heavier compared to the BD spot. The Black diamond spot is not waterproof as it claims to be so don’t be fooled by the advertisement though.


The black diamond has become one of my favorite headlamps as it delivers almost everything that I was looking for in a headlamp.It’s pretty lightweight compared to most of the headlamps. It is comfortable to use and promises high durability. I am pretty much impressed by its durability. The brightness is mind blowing and is pretty ideal for trips in the dark. The style of the headlamp is good as well. It does not look lumpy and huge in your head. The comfortable straps let it rest in the wearer’s head. The only downer for me was the battery life. It promises a total of 30 hours of battery life in high power mode but does not do so in reality. The low power mode performance is not that excellent compared to the high power mode.

However, Black diamond manages to stand out from other headlamps performance wise. Keeping the below average battery performance, black diamond spot is a spot on the headlamp. If you are adventure lover and love travelling and trekking then you might want to buy the this headlamp. If you are looking for a more advanced headlamp and are willing to pay more money then you with other options like the Black Diamond storm and Zebra light. Otherwise, you can look for cheaper alternatives to the Black diamond spot if you do not have enough budgets for Black diamond spot and its other expensive options. As for me, black diamond spot is a better option as it has every feature that I was looking for in a head lamp.