Who doesn’t want to have flawless glowy skin? Body Blendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub is just the right product for you. A coffee scrub is basically what you think it is; a face or body scrub formulated with coffee. This coffee made scrub is better than ever. It’s 100% natural and vegan at the same time. Plus, it’s suitable for all skin types. Crazy, right?

Just as drinking a cup of coffee early morning makes you feel energized, when used as skincare coffee, stimulate your skin as well. So why not give it a try? Body Blendz coffee shimmer scrub is all in one product.  This potent formula contains ground Arabica coffee beans, activated charcoal, and sugar, which detoxify and exfoliate the epidermis. At the same time, mica minerals will have your body shimmering in all the right places and leave a long-lasting shine.

It is specially designed to target cellulite, stretch marks, acne, eczema, and psoriasis. Not only face, sloughing the skin on your legs and arms is also equally important. Body Blendz is just perfect for your body, as well.

Thinking what it is made up of, and is it safe or not?

The ingredients of the Coffee Shimmer Scrub are:

Activated Charcoal, Sugar, Coffee, Mica, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Kakadu Plum Extract, Vitamin E Natural, Potassium Sorbate, Green Tea Extract, Coconut Oil and Almond Oil

Be assured; all ingredients used are beneficial for your skin with no harm at all.

Here are some of the benefits of using Body Blendz Coffee Scrub.

  • It gives you smooth and radiant skin, thus reducing puffiness.
  • The antioxidants present in coffee are good for our skin. It instantly gives you glowing and youthful skin.
  • Use coffee scrub to gently massage your eye area to get rid of tired, puffy eyes effectively. You want to know how? Here’s the answer. The caffeine present in the coffee restricts the blood vessels, and the scrub acts as a stimulant that gives you less tired puffy eyes.
  • It helps to remove dead skin cells. The antioxidant property of coffee helps to generate new skin cells. Applying a coffee scrub helps in getting rid of freckles, wrinkles, and sunspots. Say good-bye to those dull, dead skin cells with Body Blendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub.
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and improves blood circulation. It is believed that caffeine in coffee can help dilate blood vessels and reduce the appearance of skin dimples. The stimulating effect of caffeine enhances blood flow and eliminates excess water resulting in tightening the skin.
  • It reduces inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties, coupled with polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid present in coffee, can help reduce inflammation and inflamed breakouts.

Now let’s talk about how to use Body Blendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub.

  1. After showering, rinse your body and face so that it’s utterly wet for about 2 minutes.
  2. Grab two handfuls of your scrub and apply using circular motions, to targeted areas.
  3. Once applied, leave the scrub on your body and face for at least 5 minutes for the best results.
  4. Rinse thoroughly and enjoy your freshly exfoliated, smooth & shiny skin!
  5. Use 2-3 times a week for best results.
  6. If you have sensitive skin, you can do a patch test. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

You’ll enjoy every minute of self-care with BodyBlendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub. Vitamin E present inbody blendz the product protects your skin from sunlight damage. Also, it prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Likewise, it nourishes your skin to keep you looking youthful. At the same time, essential oil present also keeps your skin hydrated.

Green Tea Extract contains catechins, which are potent antioxidants that help to clear acne by absorbing bacteria. Olive Oil is also good for your skin as it contains antioxidants that protect your skin from damage. Mica present helps your skin produce a flattering glow. Coconut Oil contains saturated fats that help balance the overproduction of sebum. Also, it is a natural exfoliator that cleanses excess dirt and oils.

Almond oil softens and smooths your skin by providing deep exfoliation that eliminates any dead skin cells. Almond oil also contains Vitamin E that repairs and protects your body from further damage. Jojoba Oil helps slow down the aging process, and its essential nutrients repair and hydrate your skin.

Pros and cons of Body Blendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub


  • Good-bye cellulite body scrub
  • Exfoliating face scrub
  • Treat redness and reduce inflammation.
  • Reduces eye puffiness
  • Gives glow and smooth skin
  • Skin brightening


  • Caffeine is a dehydrator.
  • Caffeine present in coffee also leads to a heightened stress response in the body.

What more?

Personally, I love Body Blendz coffee shimmer scrub. It’s probably the best skincare I have ever used. Coffee scrub leaves my skin smooth and glows,s and no other product compare. You’ll love every minute of self-care with BodyBlendz.

I started using Coffee Shimmer Scrub a month ago. I was amazed by the results. My skin feels softer than ever. This scrub gives a natural shine, which I love the most about this product. My secret to smooth and shiny surfaces is coffee shimmer scrub.

Show your skin extra love with BodyBlendz coffee shimmer scrub. Your skin deserves the best, so order this scrub right away from Body Blendz only for $15.99 for general users and just $11.99 for subscribed users. Try this now. You won’t regret using BodyBlendz products.


All products of BodyBlendz are totally natural and vegan, which cause no harm at all to your skin. As an alternative to BodyBlendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub, you can also use Coco Luxe Coffee Scrub or Sugar Glow Coffee Scrub if this doesn’t suit your preference. These products are just as good as coffee shimmer scrub.

Check out Body Blendz and see other exciting products as well. I am sure you will love using Body Blendzproducts. Enjoy gorgeous shiny skin with BodyBlendz Coffee Shimmer Scrub!