A detailed Clash of Clans review is here to make you discover more facts about the game. It will check whether this fantastic and entertaining game is impressive or not. This will highlight the essential reviews encircling it.

Clash of Clans: An overview

Clash of Clan is a freemium popular online game. In which, you can play with people of your community. It promotes group and team gaming. Through which people interact in a joyful environment. In Clash of Clans, that is an exciting start that leads to thrilling challenges.

How does it work?

Multiple players can play it simultaneously. In this, one needs to earn money to get resources. Clans (people of communities) attack others to get supplies. Players can build and upgrade their buildings with their earnings. There is a total of four currencies. Some currencies enhance and train troops, while others can be used to meet other challenges. When the game starts, two workers work and build a home for you. Later, you can buy more with your resources like gems. Other challenges of its players are developing their villages, training troops, and attacking your enemies.

Clash of Clans Review:

Clash of Clans initially received a boom. In 2012, when it was released for iOS, it attracted attention. People of 13-17 loved to play it in their spare time. The game was ranked on 74 numbers by Metacritic and got 80% ranking on GameRankings, which confirmed that this is unusual and entertaining activity.


The game is pretty simple and easy to play. From the start of the game, there is a smooth transition in states. That guides players to get an idea about it. Players can easily understand the task and learn fast. It helps them to discover the level of progress where they stand. So, it is a simple multiplayer which can be determined with little exposure to it. Once a player made a strategy, he/she can quickly discover his/her directions.

Easy to Access and Users Friendly:

It became popular among its players. In 2013, when it was released for android phones. It made people easy to access. Now, it is available in the play store, and anyone can install it without any hassle.  It received four stars rating based on its user-friendly nature on Mouthshut.com.

Best Game:

This game is among the five best games in Asia. It is among the most played games in Asia and around the world.

Engaging and Addictive:

The Clash of Clans has an exciting and engaging plot. When any individual downloads it, it attracts his or her attention, which is good and bad at the same time. As on Mouth Shut Score, it has been reviewed as time-wasting as students wasted their time playing it and did not bother to study. This addictive feature of the game impacts time management. Young become so engaged that they ignore other essential activities, which is not a healthy thing. So, it has been reviewed as a game that is not for students. The most crucial issue that it has is its addictive and too engaging power. That isolates it from joy and shift towards addiction.


If you are thinking about how the Clash of Clans can be productive, stop thinking, and start reading!

It is productive as it is a strategic game. That forces players to adopt a strategy. Whenever a young one starts playing it. Directly or indirectly, he uses his mind to adopt a policy. This expands players’ minds, and they learn about handling different situations.

Elders too Like It:

Supercell designed this for the young ones. But soon it became popular among the older generation too. Supercell Clash of Clans got a 70% 5-star rating on Influenster.com. Most of these positive reviews are of elders.

A Good Time Killer:

If on the one hand, young take Clash and Clans an entertaining and joyful activity. On the other hand, people adapt is for time spending. If anyone is feeling bored, he/she can easily access it from an Android or iOS device to play. Playing it will engage as well as it will release stress.

A Bright, Superb, and Playful Game:

Clash of Clans review showed that it revolves around fun and joy. It grasps the attention of elders. Who at first, were irritated by its popularity. The one who used to blame their kids for being indulged in it. Later become addictive.

Some other popular websites highlighted its fame. According to Gamezbo, it is among the most rated sites. It impressed the people of different ages, and they like it. During their free time, people love to play it. Pocket Gamers gave a Clash of Clans a Gold Award along with 9/10 scores. Peter Willington reviewed it as “requiring more and more sophisticated units, asking you to strategies and think about which elements you should focus on building within your camp.” According to 148App’s Rob Rich, it has got a 3.5 rating from 5. He also made his point that he likes its combination. That gives you an option to play either in groups or lonely.

Now! Look at its Negative Elements;

Clash of Clans review also has some negative reputation. Most of the time, the hatred it earned is based on its addictive nature. Its players irritate their fellows. As they continuously play it and keep discussing it. It distracts the young ones from their goals and studies. So, by saying it that this game is not for students. It will not prevent students from getting it. Another feature is that it demands real money to increase its speed. That player considers that it is not justified. The speed and progress should be isolated from games.


Clash of Clans review marks it as an unusual and exciting game. But at the same time an addictive one. It is good to pass the time and enjoy it but distracts young from their study and goals. So, if you can control your thoughts and addictive nature, you can play it in your free time. It will be the best and fantastic time killing solution. But if you cannot, think about it before playing it.