Clickbank review for affiliate marketers.

How many of you are influenced by YouTubers and bloggers earning a hundred dollars in a month through affiliate marketing? Well, making that amount is not a piece of cake. You need experience. Most importantly, the first step is knowing the good and the bad about the site you want to work on. So here you go with in-depth review coupled with my own experience of working with Clickbank. By the end of this blog, you will be able to decide whether it is a legit website or fake.

What is ClickBank?

Clickbank was founded back in 1998. So we can say it is a well-established website. It is a performance marketing company that promises to empower and bring together entrepreneurs around the globe. Clickbank was all over the internet a few years back due to its non-labour intensive and easy money making idea. Thanks to bloggers and YouTubers. However, it is similar to Amazon, which is considered the biggest affiliate marketing platform. It consists of three kinds of people.

  • Merchants.Who sell products
  • Affiliates. Publisher of the product
  • The buyers. Who buys the product. They are generally indirect.

Merchants are those people who want to sell their products. They are product creators. They post their product on ClickBank so that more and more people can see their products. As we all know, advertising is the first step in finance. You need to deposit some fees to get your product listed on ClickBank. Affiliates are people who promote the products. Their work is to drive traffic to the product site. Upon successful selling of the product, they get a commission from the merchants whom the product belongs to. Most people reading this blog are generally from these categories. The buyer is those people who simply buy the product.

Registration before ClickBank Review

Bloggers or influencers who have many followers, and one who has gained the trust of its followers will have a smooth sail throughout. Just a little precaution and you are done. Its user-friendly website increases the overall ease of using this website for beginners as well. Let’s begin with ClickBank Review with the registration process.

Clickbank registration is similar to other such platforms. The eligibility here is that you should belong to a non-banned country. The banned country includes Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Benin, Cuba, etc. For other fortunate citizens, you have to go through three major processes. Firstly, personal information, for instance, language preferred country, full name, and much more. Second is your bank information. Note, you will need to pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95 to register yourself as a vendor. The next step, id account information. After completing all the steps mentioned above, you can begin your affiliate marketing carrier with ClickBank.

How it works.

  1. Choosing a product to promote

There are thousands of different products in various niche. Niches range from eBook to games, software to health and fitness. I suggest you go for a niche that your blog promotes. You will never go short on product. But here’s a twist. Not all products are genuine. Many products are fraud and won’t pay you a penny even after the successful selling of the product. Above all, the product is also not of excellent quality. So you end up losing the trust of your customers. If you learn to distinguish fake and genuine products, half of your work is done.

  1. Generating an affiliate link. After you choose a product to promote, you have to create a unique link then. Do not worry, the system does that for you automatically if you click at the promote button next to the adjacent product.
  2. Drive traffic. Succeeding the link generation, you have to drive profitable traffic to the link which will actually buy the product. Make sure you target such an audience who has an interest in the niche you choose for your product.
  3. Get paid and withdraw money. After the sale, you will automatically get your money in the Clickbank account. To withdraw this money, go to the setting beside the dashboard on the website. Thereupon the search for payment information, choose EDIT. Now fill up all the details and wallah you got your payment.

My experience- ClickBank Review

I have been into affiliate marketing since 2011. And in between this beautiful journey, I have tried my luck on click bank as well. And I must say, it’s not as bad as the critic’s reviews! I have made earning through it. To be honest, I too, have faced many fraud and fake clients as well as products. That helped me learn about affiliate marketing or ClickBank in general. I will share some tips at the end of the blog so that you do not make the same mistake that I did.

Coming back to ClickBank Review, in the past, I have promoted products mainly from home and garden, E-marketing, ClickBank university. Apart from this, I have promoted a few apps like photo editor software, some SEO plugins, and earned folding money. Not to mention, do not fall in traps of people claiming you can earn $1000 per day via ClickBank. You can, in fact, make up to $300(not per day), while naïve users have to sharpen up their marketing skills to reach that point.

Tips to enhance ClickBank experience

  • High gravity. Gravity is an indicator of how much sales a product had made in the last 12 days. Gravity lesser than 5 is a strict no-no. Ignore such a product straight away. Gravity more than 100 is the sure-shot success mantra. But the competition is very high.
  • Choose the top 10 products. If you are unsure about the niche or any product in general, then go for the top 10 product list. Who knows if your luck is by your side.
  • Trust the product. If you really want to expand your marketing, you will first need to gain the trust of your customer, and that is possible only if you are sure about the product. Selling fake products can be the biggest turn off customers. That brings me to the next point.
  • Research about the demand. Before you decide to sell any product, make sure you research a bit about it. Like its demand, targeted audience, prices on other sites, and much more.
  • Businessman trick. A businessman doesn’t sell the product. They persuade the customer to buy their product. And that is what you have to do. Add some persuading text before you send the link of sale product.

The brighter side of ClickBank Review

  1. High commission. The commission that you get on a product on average is 75-85% which is infinite when the commission of amazon that is, 4% is considered. This way, you can earn more money on purchases at least more than that on amazon.
  2. Wide range product. There are multiple products on all kinds of niche. Choose as per your audience’s needs.
  3. Own payment threshold
  4. Money-back guarantee. Their magical words in the world of marketing are money-back guaranteed. This increases the chance of buying and serves as a good persuading point.

The Uglier side

  1. Banned countries. Clickbank has banned many countries for whatever reason. We feel sorry for them
  2. Fake and cheap product. There are many affordable products in ClickBank. This can not only ruin your marketing but also, degrade customers trust
  3. High competition.  Since anyone can join ClickBank. As a result, you will face hell lot of competitions.
  4. Unnecessary charges. You are earning money through t than good, but if not, then you have to pay charges. For instance, $1 for 90 days of no earnings, $5 for 180 days for no earning, and so on.

Summing up

ClickBank Review ends with the final note that it is indeed a legit site. It can pay you a nice significant amount once you know how to use it properly. Plus, the commission you get here on product sale is insane. You got Multiple products to choose from. You will never feel short on products. All points considered I would like to add, don’t expect a considerable amount right from the beginning. Focus on collecting better and profitable followers which you can convert into customers.

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