Security falls on the topmost priority of an individual’s hierarchy of basic needs. It is very important to feel secure in one’s home, be it rented or owned. Home security services are growing their popularity currently and you can find a bunch of them. However, FrontPoint Home security has been hyping up the market recently. I was looking for the best home security system to set up in my house and seeing a lot of great reviews I decided to give FrontPoint Home security a try.

FrontPoint Home security is a great home security system that ensures safety of your home and your loved ones through continuous monitoring.FrontPoint Home security plans include professional monitoring and smart home technologies. The FrontPoint hub and keypad acts as the command centre and the control panels alert the monitoring center with the help of the built in cellular communication.

The monitoring plans include motion triggered alerts, smart lock controls and live video streaming (available in the Ultimate plan). FrontPoint Home security offers a number of easy to use equipment like door/ window sensor, motion sensor, smart door lock, doorbell security camera, keychain remote and environmental sensors. You can choose the required equipment and pay for them accordingly.


  • FrontPoint Home security plans include professional monitoring
  • Integrated smart home technologies
  • Highly rated mobile app
  • The mobile app allows you to monitor your system remotely
  • No long term contracts
  • DIY installation
  • Easy to use equipment
  • The best customer service

FrontPoint Home securityThe FrontPoint Home security offers Easy setup and DIY installation. FrontPoint gives you Protection plan for $35, Interactive plan for $45 and Ultimate plan for $50. FrontPoint has a 30 days return policy. The highly rated mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android systems.FrontPoint Home security’s customer service is the show stealer because they are very responsive.The DIY installation takes about an hour andthe monitoring costs vary depending on the type of property, area of the place and number of exterior doors.

Before you pick a security system to protect your home, there are some key factors that need to be considered. They are:contracts, upfront costs, mobile app control and monthly monitoring fees. Most of the home security system comes with a 3 year financial contract and that is sometimes not applicable for people who rent houses.

WithFrontPoint Home security’s 24/7 professional monitoring, on a month to month basis. This means there’s no contract, no cancellation fees and the best of all is no long term commitments. FrontPoint Home security makes it as easy as possible to get a security system up and running in your home security system without an added stress of a hefty upfront payment.


They give you 3 ways to pay for your home security system. First, you can make a small down payment of $99 and finance the remaining of your equipment cost. The best thing about this is that FrontPoint Home security offers special deals timely. Second method is, you can pay the entire cost upfront by paying $400 for the basics and go upto $800 or $1000 depending on how much extra equipment you want to add. Finally, you can use Frontpoint’s consumer financing to pay $0 upfront and finance the total cost of your equipment overtime. There will be a contract until the time you can pay it off but there’s no penalty or anything.

The FrontPoint Home security mobile app has great features. Every FrontPoint plan includes the mobile app from which you can remotely arm and disarm your system. Sounds cool right? You get real time notifications from the mobile app if anything is happening at your house. Like, if the motion detector goes off or the camera picks up something. The mobile app also features smart home controls that allows you to add smart locks, smart lightings or smart thermostat. You can control all of these functions right from the FrontPoint mobile app.

What else you can do with FrontPoint Home security?

FrontPoint Home securityYou can also live stream video from your mobile camera if you have the FrontPoint’s Ultimate plan. Talking about the monthly monitoring fees, this is the recurring cost that you are going to have with your security system.Monthly monitoring is a very important thing because this assures you that you are being monitored by professionals 24/7 and they also have direct link with the emergency services whenever we need help.

Having backup assures the safety of your home and your loved ones. The FrontPoints plan is available for $35 monthly and this might be the one thing might prove to be a though call to pick FrontPoint Home security system.This plan is a little overpriced because it doesn’t include anything other than basic monitoring of 24/7. There are other brands like Simplisafe and Ring that offers the samelevel of protection like 24/7 monitoring for about $10-$15 a month.

Here are the Pros and Cons of FrontPoint Home security:


  • Great customer service
  • Excellent provision of security
  • Great mobile app that is available for all plans
  • No long term contracts
  • No large upfront payments


  • Continuous monitoring is a little pricey


FrontPoint Home securityAbsolutely! FrontPoint Home security system promises you a very responsive service so it is the best home security system according to me. The system starts at $45 per month which includes the mobile app, smart home controls and 24/7 monitoring. If you want the live stream video from your cameras then you will have to upgrade to the Ultimate plan which is available at $50 per month.

The good thing about FrontPoint Home security is that there are no long-term contracts, you don’t have to pay large upfront costs and the mobile app is made available for all plans. These 3 facts make FrontPoint Home security a highly competitive choice. The only downer for some of us could be the pricey 24/7 monitoring package. If you want to go for a cheaper alternative then you can go ahead and try them out.


Apart from the little pricey monitoring package, FrontPoint Home security is the best choice for us. The customer service is great and I think it’s a great deal to have such great customer service. Like I have mentioned earlier, the best thing about FrontPoint Home security is that there are no long-term contracts, you don’t have to pay large upfront costs and the mobile app is made available for all plans. These 3 facts make FrontPoint security a highly competitive choice.