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If you are a traveler and you love camping and adventure, then you know the need for a suitable sleeping bag. To select the best sleeping bag for you, you must consider a few necessary things. Is it warm enough for chilly winter? Its temperature, weight, budget, safety, and much more. Well, this time, we have put together all our efforts and research to review The Kelty tuck 40 sleeping bag. This sleeping bag is going to change your outdoor sleeping experience.

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Kelty tuck 40 is comfy, cozy, and warm. It is available in two variants—a regular one with weight 2lbs 11oz and a length of 6 feet. The later is known as “long” and weighs around 3lbs 3oz with a length of 6’6″. So now, you do not have to worry about fitting in a sleeping bag.

Important to realize that warmth of a sleeping bag depends on its fill material or loft. Furthermore, it is also about the compression factor. Kelty tuck 40 has fill material of Thermo pro synthetic.

Sound sleep with Kelty tuck 40

To point out, I am crazy about camping and adventures. Being a travel enthusiast, I have to bring to play many sleeping bags. And one of such bags that stir me was Kelty tuck 40. I used it for a trice, and I am happy about the purchase. Being an average 6 feet tall, I enjoyed its size. It feels void and free. Not to mention that it has a crossover zipper; as a result, it gives excellent ventilation.

The best part about this is flexibility. If you are a side sleeper or you sleep in weird positions, as I do, then This product is for you. Its temperature rating is 40 degrees F., But I think it is okayish for up to 30 degrees. Above that, you need a jacket or an extra quilt. It’s over the foot zipper feature is very helpful. You can unzip the foot zip and let your feet feel the air.

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Hood insulation


Key features of Kelty Tuck 40

  • Excellent warmth and perfect temperature
  • comfortable zipper system
  • Insulated top draft collar
  • Thermapro ultra insulation
  • stuff sack included
  • Stuffed Dimensions: 7.9″ x 14″ and 8.3″ x 14.6″ for extra coziness

Is it warm enough?

Kelty tuck 40 is impressive when it comes to warmth. As mentioned earlier, It has a temperature rating of 40 degrees. On the contrary, I felt it is tolerable for up to 30degree. So don’t dare take it to Mount cook, new Zealand!

Zipper system

It has a half-length zipper. An extra zip at the foot side is provided. So, in case you like to sleep with your feets open to the atmosphere, you will love this. I love how it feels very void and cozy. Its built-in quill feature allows you to use its upper covering as a blanket. So now you can sleep without getting congested. The zips are very helpful for ventilation as well.

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The Kelty tuck 40 is basically a mummy-styled sleeping bag. It has a built-in pillow and quilt. Weighing around 3 lbs, this product will be a good car camping option. The product has ample space. Moreover, there is extra space at the foot. So body movements during sleeping are not interrupted with Kelty tuck 40.  I am astonished by the fact that it has two variants available. So, choose your sleeping bag according to your preference.


Kelty tuck 40 is furnished with ThermPro Ultra synthetic. I really adore the fact that it has insulation covers at specific areas for that extra comfort. Moreover, I Have carried this product to Yosemite national park, California, some time back. Padding at the hood and shoulder part is enjoyable. Henceforth you can enjoy your sleep in rocky and rough areas.


  • appreciable zipper system
  • coupled with anti-snag drag tube
  • hood padding
  • free stuff sack
  • extra space


  • no enough packing space.
  • short-run warranty
  • bulky for hiking
  • difficulty fitting in backpacks

I really did not expect this sleeping bag to be bulky enough to not fit in regular backpacks. You need to carry a bigger backpack if you are planning to deport this. Besides, it does not have a long time warranty. Customers usually prefer products with long time warranty. As for travelers, it becomes even more critical.

Alternatives for Kelty Tuck 40

Kelty tuck 40 is unbeatable when its insulation and padding are a concern. It has out beaten Kelty galactic 30 dri down priced at $130. The north face the one sleeping bag at $289 has a detachable blanket, which Kelty tuck 40 does not have. I have used the Agnes diamond park 30 recently. It’s by far the most comfortable mummy sleeping bag. It is priced at $300. But Comparing apples to oranges is unfair. Comparison of a sleeping bag rated $80 to a sleeping bag of price $300.

Final verdict

Kelty tuck 40 priced at $79.99 has many features that a traveler will look up to. It is big and cozy. I am in love with its insulation and padding. Moreover, It has a beautifully build zipper system as well as anti-snag drag. However, it does not have much space for packing despite its bulky appearance. So if you are traveling with your family or a child with you, don’t prefer this product. Instead, go for double space sleeping bags; for instance, Sierra Designs Frontcountry Bed priced for $280. All points considered, I think Kelty tuck 40 is a win-win product. I will definitely recommend it to my fellow travelers out there.

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