Having fresh juice and food indeed leads to a better lifestyle. When it comes to freezing goods, there are various options for refrigerators in the market to choose from—Will Kenmore 79432 23.8 cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator be the right choice for your home or family? Let’s have a detailed review of it, which is expected to be one of the best among others in the market, still in 2020. This is one of the most selling top freezer refrigerator with water dispenser.

Review on Kenmore 79432

 Key Features:

  • Plenty of Space for Food
  • Automatic Ice Cubes
  • Storage All the Way Across
  • Clean Water Whenever You Want
  • Bins that Fit More

Why Kenmore 79432 23.8 cu. Ft. c still in 2020?

The Kenmore 79432 was designed to keep your goods and vegetables fresh and frozen whenever you wish to. This is considered as having generous door storage, adjustable shelving, and a spacious top freezer.

Apart from that, you can find plenty of storage options in this Kenmore fridge. An internal water dispenser provided with this freeze offers freshwater to drink for you and the family. Whereas the ice dispenser in-built in the freezer makes plenty of ice. You can enjoy it for cocktails and juices anytime.

The full-width storage is mostly suitable for families who like to store plenty of food while the crisper drawer keeps making them bright and fresh. You can save the groceries in an organized manner with this supercooling system and find the utmost coolness. It has been possible with this Kenmore stainless steel refrigerator.

It is built to store food, snacks, and more. A gourmet pantry drawer of full-width stores pizzas, party platters, trays, pies, etc. While it also provides shelf space for better organization and convenient storage.

Why not Kenmore 79432 23.8 cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator?

Kenmore 79432 has a lot of good points to appreciate, but the exterior design isn’t one of them. If you’re seeking something that’ll make your kitchen look a little more attractive, this may not reach your expectation up to the mark. For better satisfaction in terms of looks, there are other better-looking top freezers available in the market right now.

What makes it different?

Kenmore 79432

It comes with Gallon door bins that easily hold jugs, bottles and gallon containers. It helps to vacant the shelves and gives you space to stock up goods well. Moreover, they have introduced Multi Air Flow Technology, which uses strategically placed vents to balance cold air all over the refrigerator, so even the foods and drinks on the door stay cool every time. 

An internal filtered water dispenser placed above the top shelf fills your glass, mug, or carafe with clean water within no time. An icemaker inbuilt on this freezer automatically delivers chilly ice cubes, so whether you’re cooling a hot drink or mixing up with a cocktail, the ice you require is always on hand. You can also find LED lights along the sides of the refrigerator. They are efficiently recessed to give you more space and make it easy to see that you’re searching for.

The Bottom Line:

As far as this Kenmore 79432 refrigerator’s review is concerned, it delivers large storage capacity, so every item of your food or drink list has a spot. Multi Air Flow Technology, Filtered Water Dispenser, and Ice Maker add up a beauty to this refrigerator, unlike its exterior design. It is mostly known for Balanced Refrigeration and Ample Storage under a budget for a family.