Here is a complete and detailed guide about NameSilo that will help you to get an insight into its hosting plans and services, etc. It also includes the NameSilo review to know the effectiveness of the registrar.

NameSilo: A General Overview

NameSilo is a domain registration platform that is managing domains for boosting your online business and blogs. It is considered the best name registrar due to its services along with the transparency of the process of buying and managing domains. Here, websites are registered and governed without email accounts, web pages, and constant hosting.  It has 15 million active domains. So, it is among 15 top registrars of the world.

How NameSilo works?

Why is NameSilo proclaiming itself to one of the best domain name registrars? Because of the rating and trust, it earned in the market. It is offering free WHOIS privacy, free DNS management, and open API access along with many other benefits. It follows an easy, fast, and transparent process during registration. That increases the trust of users over it.

NameSilo Services:

NameSilo is the fastest growing web registration forum that is providing different services. It is giving web hosting plans, domain registration services, WHOIS service, Gsuite email program, SSL certificates, free domain privacy, domain transfer, free customizable parking option, and API access. Costumers are also facilitated with the reseller program.

A Detail NameSilo Review:

The first and best impression it has on its costumers is its cheap services. NameSilo attracts people because of the first serving. According to NameSilo review, its better performance is due to its access to crucial information. It is easy and straight forward to access vital information with it. Not only among top domain name registrars but also offers inexpensive domains. It is offering TLDs domains, .com domains, .net, and .org at the cheapest rates.

It is irritating to fix pricing while buying a domain. But NameSilo has overcome this issue. It is thus offering a 100% transparent pricing process. It’s pricing for Top Level Domains (TLDs) is accessible on their website. That further includes discount offers. All prices are visible without any hidden fees and additional charges at renewing. Not only this, but it is also working to improve its pricing policies. Which I think are perfect.

NameSilo transfer coupon gives a satisfactory domain transfer. There are only three easy, fast, and adequate steps for domain transfer. NameSilo benefits its users at annual renew pricing. If any user purchases a domain transfer, it gives a domain transfer coupon. That adds more benefits in the registration package.

Another reason for its popularity is upselling. It does not mean that it promotes upselling, but it is against it. You will not find any of the imprints of upselling while going through its pages.

Canada recognized this domain name registrar as the best in the country. There are only a few areas related to its field that it lacks. But whatever it is doing. It is doing it outstandingly. NameSilo reviews made it a trustworthy and transparent site for different domains and hosting services. But unfortunately, the domain can be only be accessed with API. It has been reviewed as the Verdict, which has a competitive pricing structure. It has great respect for its user’s privacy and security. Its services and policies make it a sturdy and robust impacting tool.

Wait, there’s something more…

NameSilo is an ICANN accredited registrar that means ICCAN certified this registrar for domain names. A variety of domains TLDs are active at it. It is almost offering 400 TLDs other than common .com, .net, and .org domains.

NameSilo review will also help you to get an insight into its lacking. We are well familiar that quality and design both corporate for the success of the business. NameSilo review made users realize that its composition is not as effective and reliable as its services are. As everyone is conscious about money that he/she spent while purchasing a domain. Its design and branding do not give a feeling of security and reliability.  Their accessibility grades are a hassle and irritating, although it is improving various things.

There is little information about its services and popularity it earned. So, it becomes difficult for a visitor to get an idea about the site. It is providing little information about guidelines. If a new and inexperienced user visits it, it will become difficult for him/her to understand where to process during onboarding and domain management.

NameSilo Discounts Coupon:

NameSilo offers different discounts offers. Thus, making itself a cheaper domain registrar in the market. It provides a 25% discount on an annual plan of registration to initial users. The one who needs assistance in web hosting can get it quickly and transparently. Anyone can easily get coupon code of wide-site at 10% off. Namesilo transfer coupon is making domain transfer easy at the cost of $4.70. The users can benefit from a one-year extension on the day of the user’s registration renewed. This biggest domain registrar is also offering 10% off on domain renewal, 20% off on domain registration, and too many more. You can witness anyone by just visiting the site.

There is also a NameSilo promotion code. That gives a discount on Gsuite through coupon code. It also offers a 10 % discount on hair accessories of IB, 5 GBP discount on Nutriseed products. Anyone can avail buy one get one free from Eyeline Color items with it. Hence it is benefiting not only with low prices domain and hosting services but also giving various discount coupons on different subjects.


NameSilo is one of the best domain name registrars. That is exploring the world of hosting, security, and TLDs domains. It is there in the market for more than a decade. Therefore, improving its standards to meet the user’s needs. Although, the NameSilo review also highlighted its various drawbacks. But its advantages are way beyond its disadvantages. Another point to remember is that it is one of the best pricing and transparent domain registrar, which is also benefitting with NameSilo coupons.