Before we move on to review Nemo Aurora Tent, here’s a question for you. What are the few products you would like to take with you for hiking and camping? Is it Food, or medicine kit, or a torch? Well, all these mentioned items are very crucial for trekking. But there’s something more you need to carry in your hiking backpack. It’s a shelter; I mean a tent that you will be used to recharge yourself for the next hilltop.

There are some crucial factors which you should keep in mind while hopping on a trekking tent.

  1. Space: more space equals more comfort and better sleep. Above all, you need to keep your equipment and gear safe and dry. For that, you will need the right amount of space.
  2. Weight: nobody wants a heavy, bulky backpack while travelling. Furthermore, a tent is one thing that is mandatory to carry, plus it is one of the most substantial products in the bags. Therefore, to ensure less load, you should always look up for a lightweight tent.
  3. Price: as a traveller, We don’t want to spend all the money in tents. So it’s essential to choose a canopy which is first, not expensive and secondly, provides all the facilities you want.

Editor’s take on Nemo Aurora Tent

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Now there are a variety of options available in the market. As a result, choosing the best one can be a bit confusing. But no worries, because We have lavished multiple different tents for you. At present, we are reviewing the evergreen Nemo Aurora Tent. Known for its animated and colorful look, Nemo Aurora Tent will exceed your expectations and elevate your hiking experience to a whole new level.

Not to mention, my spouse and I are a travel junkie. We have always struggled to select the perfect tent, which will provide enough space and privacy. We recently went to The Haute route in Switzerland for trekking. Along with us, we went to Nemo aurora tent. I won’t be exaggerating if I say that it is underrated. Massive space and beautiful architecture are one of its specialties. Moreover, It is highly versatile and lightweight, to be mainly 4 to 5 lb, as compared to its rivals. I was awestruck to see numerous gear pockets that carried all our equipment conveniently.

Key features of Nemo Aurora Tent

  • Huge interior space
  • Two doors and vestibules
  • Footprint provided
  • Great ventilation
  • Pawprint included for pets
  • Easy setup
  • Lifetime warranty

Spacious area

For 3p tents With a floor area of 44.0 sq ft /4.1 sq m, it has a peak height of 44 inches. In case you are wondering about floor dimensions, its 88*72 inch. For 2p, the floor area is 31.8 sq ft, and the peak height of 44inch the same as 3p. The space inside this tent is out of this world. There is enough space for your travel equipment too. Another critical point, The tent has two corded poles. The main one goes to either end with attachment to each corner poles. Thus, creating a more significant area.

Doors and vestibules

There are two giant doors inbuilt in the tents. The zip is sturdy and useful. There is a pocket provided at the end of the zipper, which is basically to stuff the door fabric up. This way, you end up creating more space and mess-free areas.

Footprint and pawprint

I like the fact that they provide footprints too. This will supplement the lifespan of the tent. Likewise, it gives that extra comfort that you need during hectic trekking. Not only this, but there’s also a pawprint which the company manufactured. This is basically to protect the floor from your pet’s pointy nails. It also adds coziness. There are many other hiking essentials by Nemo, check it out here

top ranked google images for Nemo Aurora Tent. 2p nova green pawprint

Easy setup

Wheather can be very unpredictable during trekking. You never know when the rain pours, and you have to take shelter. If you are a frequent hiker, you know how difficult it gets to set up your tent. And if it gets dark, god saves you. With Nemo aurora tents, don’t worry about complicated setups. You can set it up without a user manual! Its that simple. Besides, you got a little light at the middle top, which makes the set up even more comfortable in the dark.

Ventilation and fabric

Fabric places a crucial role when it comes to tents. Weak and cheap material can ruin your trekking experience. The structure should be such that it withstands extreme weather conditions. Nemo aurora manages it’s very well. Their fabric is flame retardance. Canopy fabric is 30-denier polyester coupled with 68-denier polyurethane floor fabric. It also has a rainfly cover for situations where you have to stand by rains. The rainfly fabric is 68-denier polyurethane.

lifetime warranty

The most compelling evidence that it has a lifetime warranty makes me gravitate towards this product even more. With such an affordable price and lifetime warranty, who won’t want to invest in Nemo aurora tent.

Pros and Cons:


  • Convenient setup
  • Multiple Gear pocket
  • Overhead light pocket coupled with powerful light
  • Humongous interior area
  • Affordable
  • above all, Lifetime warranty



  • No removal pocket pouch
  • Mess provide less privacy
  • One-way zipper

Comparisons and alternatives

I have used the Nemo Losi tents, and I liked its removal pocket pouch, which is missing in the case of Nemo aurora. However, it wins over the Zpacks duplex and triplex, priced at $599, for its price and non-freestanding design, which takes a long time to set up.

The one thing that disappoints me that it has only a single way zipper. It restricts movement for moving in and out of the tent frequently. As a result, it losses a point to REI co-op passage priced at $159.  REI co-op passage has quite durable zippers and its two ways. I have appreciated Nemo tent if it had no-see-um mesh for better privacy.

Supply and accessory with Nemo aurora tent

  • Stakes
  • Guy-out cord
  • Repair kit
  • Light pocket
  • Drawstring stuff sack

Summing up

In the final analysis, Nemo Aurora Tent, priced at $249.95, is practically a steal deal considering its price and lifetime warranty. It has giant interior space, multiple gear pockets for a mess-free place. The two variants 2p and 3p, both are available in vibrant colors and eye-catching designs. I am not much of a fan of its one-way zipper. Also, they should have better mesh as in to enhance privacy. But I don’t mind that because the rainfly cover concealed it all. Overall, it may be said that Nemo aurora tents are worth a try.

Do let us know your experience with Nemo Aurora Tent.

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