I go camping with my family and friends quite often. I have tried my hands on lots of products. Some of them were a real downer and some were pretty okay. I heard about the Oztrail Hightower mansion 8P tent and wanted to give it a try. This is a large family-sized tent that is perfect for outdoors and camping.

This Hightower mansion 8 person tent goes by its name and has a good internal space as promised. This is a 4 season tent and gives you protection from all weather conditions. There were some requirements for the tent that I was going to buy and this tent pretty much met all those requirements.


  • There’s enough internal space for the whole family.
  • 100% polyester waterproof fabric enhanced by UV- Tex treatments.
  • Silver coated UV-Tex fly.
  • Fully seam-sealed flysheet for excellent weather protection.
  • Portico pole system that ensures maximum head height.
  • Two-room design with a large internal door.
  • Comfortable to sleep and live in.
  • No-see-um mesh and polyester inner.
  • Storage Sack present.
  • Large awning present.

Oztrail Hightower Mansion 8P Tent

This is a large-sized family tent that has enough room for 8 people. It provides enough internal space for the whole family to sleep in and live comfortably. There is a large front D- door in the tent that allows enough light throughout the tent. Not only that, but the tent also consists of several windows to ensure proper light and airflow throughout the tent. There is enough room to stand up and pretty much provides space that feels like home. The fully seam-sealed fly and the polyester waterproof fabric enhanced with UV-Tex treatment gives you protection in all weather conditions.

Another plus point is that the tent comes with a large awning pole with 2 awning poles included that give you more covered space. The poles are made up of fiberglass and steel. There is a storage sack in this tent. Yes, you saw that right. The Oztrail Hightower mansion 8P tent weighs about 15.5 kg and can be a little heavy to carry. You can get this tent in two color options that are, blue and beige.


Oztrail Hightower Mansion 8P Tent

Like I have said earlier, this is the perfect tent for outdoors and camping. Your camping trip highly depends on the tent that you are using. The Oztrail Hightower mansion 8P has the most usable interior space with enough floor space, head height, and separate large rooms with a door. This tent is not only easy to set up but is also really easy to take down. The poles are made up of fiberglass and steel that will give enough support to the tent. You can take this tent for hiking, camping, and trips. Oztrail comes with a Hightower mansion 10P tent as well if you are looking for a tent more spacious and roomy.

Choosing a tent highly depends on how many people are going on the trip, what kind of location you have chosen you to go to, how will you transport the tent, is it easy to fit in a backpack and various other stuff. My advice for you is that the tent you are taking should be small enough to fit in a carry bag or a backpack and big enough to accommodate the number of people going. This tent promises to withstand high weather conditions but might be able to withstand the very strong wind. The only setback I found about this tent is it’s a little heavier in weight. The rest of the things is all good.



  • Promises strength and high durability.
  • Is portable.
  • It is pretty easy to set up and takedown.
  • Great value for money.
  • Weather protection.


  • Is a little bit heavier to carry around.
  • Is a little expensive.


Oztrail Hightower Mansion 8P Tent

If you are someone who loves camping outdoors and loves hiking and trips then this is the perfect tent for you. This tent promises you great features and lives up to its promises.  The use of 100% polyester waterproof fabrics enhanced by UV Tex treatments helps the tent withstand harsh weather conditions and ensures you feel protected at all times. It does not perform that great in the greatest winds though. This tent will be best if you take it for summer camping. There is a storage space for you in this tent which is a plus point. Some tents lack storage space within them and that proves to be a downer for most of us.

There are enough windows and a large front D door that ensures adequate light and airflow throughout the tent. Proper ventilation is a must while we are out camping and living in a tent. The Oztrail Hightower 8P mansion tent is very spacious and is suitable for family, friends. However, it is a little heavier to carry compared to other tents but that must not be the problem for you. The tent is really easy to set up and takedown. The large awning with poles ensures extra cover for you. The tent can be divided into two rooms with a large door for partition. It feels like at home when you are in this tent. I am a huge fan of this tent I definitely recommend you to get your hands on this product available at Anaconda Store.


The Oztrail Hightower mansion 8P is a high-performance tent that comes at $219.00. The price might come as a little expensive for some of us but believe me when I tell you that this tent is worth the money you have paid for it. There are only a few tents that are a good value for money and this tent tops them all.

If you are hesitant and don’t want to spend so much money on a tent then you can still go for cheaper alternatives. You can look for tents that meet your requirements and buy accordingly. For me, the Oztrail Hightower mansion 8P tent is a perfect choice.