I love Pandora because I am a huge fan of Pandora jewelry. Pandora has been wooing us with their collection of jewels for a really long time. They have the cutest collection of jewelries ever. They have Pandora necklaces, Pandora bracelets, Pandora rings, earrings, and almost anything that might interest you. You name it, and they have it. The jewelry is made of Sterling silver (925) and gold.

If you are looking for anything for yourself or to gift someone, then Pandora has got them all. They have lots of options, just for you. You get a lot of versatility in Pandora jewelry for both women and men. My boyfriend knows how much I love Pandora, so he got me a pretty Pandora silver necklace for my birthday this year. The necklace is elegant and beautiful with a small moon pendant. My necklace is so shiny and pretty and goes with almost every outfit, and I am obsessed with it.

I also have always been a huge fan of Pandora bracelets. There are so many options for bracelets that it gets hard to choose one, and I end up buying at least two bracelets. There are Leather sliders bracelets, Mesh bracelets, T-bar bracelets, Open bangles, Beads and Pave bracelets, three-link bracelets, and much more.

You can choose the ones that you think best suits your personality. Even if you are looking for something to gift someone, then trust me, it is not going to be a hard job for you to pick one. One fun fact about Pandora jewelry is that they have cute little charms for every occasion. Every charm tells a story, and you can choose the beauty that defines you.


Q2_MD20_MODEL_GIFTING_CLOSEUP_02Like I said earlier, Pandora jewelry uses Sterling silver, gold, and leather. Sterling silver (925) is nicely polished, and the gold plated ones cost a little higher compared to the silver ones. Pandora takes suitable quality components and makes excellent designs, as well as quality products. You will have to add a little more money for the gold ones.

From my experience, I found it easier to buy bracelets and charms if I decide on a theme beforehand. I suggest you to do the same. It will be easier for you if you pick a color theme and go with that whenever you’re trying to find perfect charms or bracelets for you. If you decide on a theme, you can use charms accordingly. There is an extensive collection of charms that you can choose from, and each of them tells a different story. I love gifting the Pandora bracelets because you can add your own personal touches to them.

Since I am a huge fan of Pandora jewellery, I have a vast collection. I own about four rings, three sets of earrings, and five bracelets. My recent Pandora purchase was Mesh bracelets. I bought two of them recently. One is in silver, and another is in rose gold. Unlike other bracelets, the mesh bracelets are bangle like and are flexible as well as sturdier. I added lots of charms to my Silver mesh bracelet. For the rose gold mesh bracelet, I wanted to keep it simple. The color is so good, so I thought silver Pandora logo charms or any other silver charm would go with it.

Pandora JewelryFor the rose gold bracelet, so I used two Pandora silver logo charms, and a rose gold charm. My rose gold mesh bracelet looks elegant. This was my personal preference, so it’s totally up to you on how you are going to redesign your bracelet. The bracelets are fantastic. You should totally add a mesh bracelet to your collection if you are a bracelet freak like me.

Pandora has an excellent collection of jewelry for men too. They have got Pandora charm bracelets and rings for men. The bracelets and rings are so elegant that they look great on any men. The charms can be selected according to your personality, style, and the story you want to tell the world. The Pandora rings are also something to like.

Pandora JewelryYou can totally gift Pandora bracelets and rings to your boyfriend, brother, or a friend. Adding a meaningful charm to the bracelets will add the significance of the bracelet.

This is indeed a great brand of jewelry, but some things about it might come off as a downer for you. The quality of the jewels is excellent, but sometimes the gold plated ones might wear off. I suggest you not to get the charms made out of the glass as they break easily. I once had a charm that was made of glass and was quickly broken, and I was not happy about it. Some charms are expensive, but they are worth the money you pay for them.



  • Versatile collection for both women and men.
  • Good quality.
  • Jewelry available in Sterling silver, gold, rose gold, and leather.
  • Beautiful designs.
  • Unlimited collection of charms for your bracelets.
  • You can select charms based on your story.


  • Some lines of jewelry are quite expensive.
  • The Charms made up of glass tends to break easily.
  • The gold plated coats tend to wear off after some time being.


I totally recommend you to buy jewelry from Pandora. You already know how much I love Pandora. I adore their collection of jewels, and I have collected quite a lot. Suppose you are someone who is looking for more delicate handcrafted jewelry, then you can go for other brands. The only problem is that higher-end brands will cost you a fortune. If spending a little more is not a problem for you, then you choose other brands. However, Pandora has the right stuff for me, so I am going to stick to Pandora jewelry. It’s worth buying jewelry from.


Pandora has the cutest and most versatile collection of jewelry for both women and men. You can personalize your jewels using charms, and these jewelry make an excellent present for someone. You get charms for every occasion, and every charm tells a different story. I love it.