Ever since Philips launched the Philips Hue Go, I couldn’t wait to get one for myself. I had bought the original one and was quite obsessed with it. Now, Philips has made quite a few changes and has added some more smart features in the Philips Hue Go so I am sure this is going to be a quite a ride. I love lights! I decorate my room with lights because lights instantly make your room prettier.Given that the Philips Hue Go was an upgraded version its predecessor, I was very excited to get my hands on the Philips Hue Go.


  • Smart lighting
  • Versatile lamp
  • Ambient lighting with 520 lumens of brightness
  • Portable lamp
  • Various color options
  • Can run on AC power and even in its internal battery
  • Great battery life
  • Full color LED bulb
  • Custom lighting scenes
  • Bluetooth app for smart control

Philips Hue GoI bought my second Hue Go from Philips and I noticed that this is packing a much bigger punch than its predecessor.It’s better than its predecessor for a few reasons and first is its battery. The original Hue Go only got about 3 hours of battery life. The new Philips Hue Go is going to give you up to 18 hours of battery life. But, some colors and brightness’s will drain your battery life faster. There is a handy list right on the box that says how long it will exactly last on each setting. Philips Hue Go takes about 2 hours to fully charge and you can even leave it plugged in. Trust me; it will never die on you.

The most exciting upgrade about Philips Hue Go is its Bluetooth functionality. You can control Philips Hue Go anywhere using the mobile Bluetooth app. Before you could only adjust the lighting with a single button. But now you have got an app that is easy for anyone to pick up and understand. You can use it at your home connected through a bridge and you can control it through your phone on the Bluetooth app. Philips has moved the spot where the plug goes in from the original Hue Go. A lot of people were unhappy with the last position because it was difficult to place the Hue Go up. We are happy now. Thanks for listening, Philips!


Philips Hue GoWhen unplugged, the Philips Hue Go will only reach a certain amount of brightness. When plugged in, Philips Hue Go will reach its full capacity. You can control the lighting manually in a couple of ways. First,you can do a short single presswhere it will change between a bunch of presets or you can double press and hold where it will change through just colors. To conserve the battery, you can place Go in standby mode by pressing the button for two seconds or via the Bluetooth app.

However, the battery will only last up to 12 hours because the power will be draining since Philips Hue Go is ready to turn on via your command. If you think you are not using it for a little while then I recommend you to place it in a battery saving mode by simply pressing the button for 10 seconds. It won’t respond to your command or the Bluetooth app in this mode and you will have to manually turn the Philips Hue Go back on.

This full color LED lamp has two color wheels in the Hue app that will let you pick the shades of the colored and white light temperatures. The degrees can be varied from warm to cool respectively. Pretty great deal right?  With the Go, you don’t need the bridge to control it. You can save some bucks there!



  • Has the color variation of the rainbow.
  • Has tunable white.
  • Smart control via the Bluetooth mobile app and Wi-Fi (you will require a Hue bridge for this feature).
  • Is powered by an AC power and even its internal rechargeable battery.
  • Compatible
  • Portable and very versatile
  • Best for camping as well
  • Great variation of preset programs.
  • Great battery life


  • Is not the brightest lamp. Gives off just 520 lumens of brightness.
  • Is not waterproof (rated IP20).
  • Not recommended for reading purposes.
  • Is quite expensive for a lamp.


I am quite in love with the Philips Hue Go so I might sound biased when I say you should definitely buy it.But, I think Philips Hue Go deserves a shout out.You should definitely buy Philips Hue Go as this is very versatile and won’t let you down.If you are someone that loves lights and are looking for a portable lamp that is pretty great for outdoors then yes! You should get a Go for yourself.

While reviewing this lamp, I found some really cool ways to use Philips Hue Go. You could literally light up a car or you could light up your tent when you go camping. You could also light up your hotel room or even light up the fort you have built on your living room. The only concerns for you could be the price and the ambient light of this lamp. It comes off as a little pricey compared to other lamps.

But hey! Philips Hue Go comes with great features so I think the price you pay for this lamp is totally worth it. There are other options available if you are not willing to spend more bucks for a lamp. Like I have said earlier, this is not the brightest lamp. It produces just 520 lumens of brightness so you cannot really use it for reading purposes.


I love the Philips Hue Go. It is the perfect travelling companion and you can take it on vacations with friends and families. The only downside I would say about Philips Hue Go is its pricing. It costs about $80. I like to think of it as the Hue Go bulb costs you about $50 but it does not have Bluetooth and stuffs.

So, with the Go, you are paying the extra $30 to get this versatile light that you can place and prop in lots of cool ways. This isn’t the brightest when it’s unplugged but that is not a problem for me because I want the battery to last longer. Overall, this is a great lamp.

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