Princess Polly is one of my favourite clothing stores. They have the most comprehensive collection of clothes and accessories. They always have new designs and clothes to keep up with the trend. The world of fashion is ever-changing, and Princess Polly never fails in making us a part of this ever-changing world. I have been buying clothes for Princess Polly for a long time now, and I absolutely love everything about it.

I recently purchased a Princess Polly mini skirt, a Princess Polly leather skirt and a Princess Polly bag from their online store. There’s no doubt in saying that they have the most comprehensive range of clothing collection. They keep up with the current trends, and I like the quality of the fabric. As a fashion blogger, I review different brands and the latest trends that everyone swears by. Further, I am always updated about the current fashion vibes and patterns and I thank Princess Polly for contributing in that.

Princess Polly has the most extensive collection, as I have mentioned earlier. They have got dresses, playsuits/ rompers, tops, bottoms, jackets& sweaters, summer dresses, denim, loungewear, co-ords& sets, swimwear, bralettes & lingerie, shoes and accessories.

Princess Polly

  • Dresses: they have mini dresses, long sleeve dresses, party dresses, white dresses, maxi dresses, red dresses, midi dresses, formal dresses, bodycon dresses, shift dresses, backless dresses, print dresses and many more. You name it, and they have it.
  • Skirts: They have the prettiest collection of dresses. From plain to prints to leather skirts, they have it all.
  • Denim: The denim is to die for. They have cool denim jeans pants, denim shorts, denim jackets, denim shirt. If you are denim on denim kind of person, then you should totally check their collection out.
  • Jumpsuits: If you love wearing jumpsuits, then you should look at their jumpsuit collection. The colour variation is good.
  • Shorts: They have the cutest pair of shorts collection. They have shorts made from different fabrics. I personally love denim shorts.
  • Jackets: Princess Polly jackets have always been an amuser for us. They have jackets and sweaters, blazers, knitwear. I love their bomber jacket collection.
  • Pants: they have the fanciest collection of pants too. From formals to casuals, their collection of pants amuses me every time.
  • Bags: The princess Polly bags are my current favourite product. The bags and wallets are super cute and go with almost your every outfit.

My latest purchase from Princess Polly is precisely what I had expected it to be, perfect! The mini skirt is super cute and fits me really well. I can pair with it a cute top as well with a basic tee. It looks good either way. This is my second princess Polly bag purchase. I absolutely loved the first one, and I wanted to buy their latest Princess Polly bag collection, so I bought it too.

The bag is super cute and is pretty comfortable to carry around. I was not a fan of the fux leather skirt, though. The fabric caused so much itching on my skin that I couldn’t stop scratching. I think this is the first-ever issue that I had with a Princess Polly skirt. Thus, I have complained about this issue with customer service, and they seemed like they took it well. I am impressed with the customer service here. They are very responsive and take you complains of much politeness. I think this is the most important thing.


Kacey Overalls

Apart from having tons of cute and stylish outfits, another exciting thing about shopping from Princess Polly is that you can get a discount code. With the discount code, you can get some discount on your purchase. They announce new arrivals every week, so you always have something to look forward to. If in case of defects in your items you can return your items to them and you will get a refund. The return process is pretty easy with them.

In contrast, it might take a while sometimes, but they will refund your money. The rate of selling out on popular items is pretty quick, but you don’t have to worry about that as they restock them soon. The sizes of their clothes are accurate to the extent, which is a great deal. The dresses and accessories from Princess Polly can come off as a little pricey compared to other online stores. But the money you paid for them is totally worth it.



  • High-quality fabrics used.
  • Great variation in designs.
  • Keeps up with the latest trends and designs.
  • Great variation in colours.
  • Wide collection of clothes and accessories.


  • Can be a little pricey.
  • Fux leather might cause itching in your skin.


Princess Polly

Well, talking about keeping up with the latest fashion and trends with so much versatility in design is totally worth the money if you ask me. You can literally find the latest trends and designs with so much variation in Princess Polly.

Moreover, the Princess Polly boutique creates pieces that will make you stand out everywhere you go. Yes, they are a little pricey, but you won’t regret buying them. The quality of the fabrics used is unmatched, and the finishing is pretty good.

Although, there are brands where you can find the best quality products compared to Princess Polly. If you are someone that does not want to compromise in case of quality, then you might as well go for high-end brands. The high-end brands will cost you a little more money, though.


I have been buying clothes from Princess Polly for quite some time now, and I am a satisfied customer. The latest collection of Princess Polly bags is my current favourite. They have the most comprehensive array of clothes and accessories that you can choose from. Their qualities of clothes are excellent, and the price is also quite reasonable for such quality.

However, there are high-end brands that have the best quality products. If you are someone that has no problem in spending some more money on high-end brands, then you can definitely go for those brands. Some brands offer you products at a lesser price. If you are satisfied with the variation and the amount Princess Polly gives then, this might be the best option for you.  Frankly speaking, you won’t regret buying clothes from the Princess Polly store. It’s totally worth the money you have paid. The choice is yours.