Looking for the best dryer for your home and want to have a detailed review of Samsung DV56H9100EG 9.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Steam Dryer? Relax, we are going to cover the facts that you must know before buying it. Without any delay, let’s get started!

The enormous Samsung DV56H9100EG 9.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Steam Dryer with Dual Heaters, in onyx, gives even the biggest of families all that anyone could need space to dry all their garments. Samsung gauges this dryer holds up to 4 whole bins brimming with clothing so you can complete multiple times the dress on the double. The double warming components heat up more rapidly and effectively than a separate element.

The Steam Technology incorporates Steam Refresh and Steam Wrinkle Away, the two of which work to revive garments, take out scents, and expel wrinkles before they even set in. Fifteen present drying cycles (from delicates to fleece) joined with 11 alternatives (counting wrinkle forestall and rack dry) give you a wide assortment of settings so you can modify each heap precisely as you need. Besides, highlights like the drum light, drying rack, and reversible transparent cabinet make this a productive, movable dryer that will fit into any pantry.

Samsung DV56H9100EG 9.5 Cu. Ft. Front-Load Electric Steam Dryer with Dual Heaters, Onyx


  • 15 preset dry cycles, 11 options, 5 temperature settings, 5 dry levels, plus drying rack and Eco Dry
  • Steam drying technology including steam refresh and steam wrinkle away
  • Sensor Dry detects moisture and adjusts drying time
  • Vent Sensor detects problems and reminds you to clean your vent
  • 4-way venting
  • 3x the laundry, 1/3 of the time
  • Eco Mode enables more energy savings
  • Steam away wrinkles
  • Adjust drying time, save energy

Why Samsung DV56H9100EG?

Eco-friendly, energy-efficient drying

Eco dry capacity takes into account vitality productive and planet-accommodating garments drying. At the point when you select Eco dry, it naturally modifies the drying process duration and temperature to decrease vitality utilization. So it utilizes less vitality, yet it takes more time than the typical drying cycle.

Better drying of smaller loads

Savvy Care recognizes and analyze mistakes at a beginning period and sends simple investigating answers for your advanced cell

Duct Blockage Sensing – automatically

Vent Sensor cautions clients when the dryer is in danger of causing a family fire (as such, reminding you to clean the conduit, the machine will stop naturally once the Vent Sensor alert goes off).

Easy troubleshooting from your smartphone

The new Samsung clothes washer’s creative Smart Care innovation is a mistake observing framework. It recognizes and analyzes issues and gives brisk and straightforward investigating arrangements through the LED screen, utilizing a cell phone App*. So you don’t need to locate the manual or call a repairer if you have an issue with the machine – sparing your time and conceivably costly fix bills.

Product information:

The bottom line:

This dryer is excellent. The time it takes to dry is the equivalent of what it takes to wash the clothes, so when one load is done being washed, the weight in the dryer is already done. Handles a large number of loads, unlike other dryers on the market. Must have for large families.

Steam Dryer has been so useful for drying clothes. Willing to get a Samsung DV56H9100EG and want to have its detailed review? Find its facts in-depth now.