Samsung has released Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch. This is the newest addition to the portable SSD of the Samsung family, and it sounds very promising among its predecessors. I was very excited from the moment Samsung had announced their release and wanted to get my hands on this sweet little stunner. I have been using a portable SSD for quite some time now.

They come in handy whenever you are trying to store your important business or personal documents, movies, songs, and even games. They are easy to carry and pretty many stores much larger files with so much ease. The new SSD is the size of a credit card which means you can fit it in your pocket without any noticeable bulge.

Samsung T series SSD’s are pretty much the benchmark for SSD requirement these days. The Samsung portable SSD T7 is convenient for both Mac and Windows users. It comes with a type C to type C and a type A to type C cable out of the box.

Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch


  • Slim and sleek design
  • Promises durability
  • Integrated fingerprint scanner for better security for its users
  • Faster read/write speeds that are up to 1100 Mbps
  • Integration of AES 256 bit hardware encryption for better security

What more?

Technologies have been booming in recent years with new features to make it easier and more convenient for the users. The all-new Samsung portable SSD T7 touch is no exception and manages to stand out from its contemporaries. It has an embedded fingerprint scanner which makes it easier for the users to create their file secure. You need to set a password before setting the fingerprint scanner, but that is a standard protocol in devices with fingerprint scanners. It is relatively easy to set up the fingerprint scanner. All you need to do is install the Samsung portable SSD software, and it will guide you along the way on how to proceed further.

You can use up to 4 different fingerprints in case any other trusted parties need access to the driver beside you. I have been using it for a couple of months now, and the fingerprint sensor has made a world of difference for comfortable usability. Samsung has been the AES(Advanced Encryption Standard) 256-bit hardware encryption in its device for a couple of years now. This helps to make sure that the password more secure and less prone to hacking. The AES 256 bit hardware encryption takes the password you assigned and encrypts it 10 to 15 times to generate an algorithm that cannot be broken easily.

With new laptops dumping the USB type-A port, the c to c cable comes handy, especially to UltraBook and MacBook users. The wires might seem a little short, but it gets the work done. The faster read-write speeds along with the trending design are cherry on the top that makes this gadget one of the more comfortable devices to recommend.



  • The device has a very sleek and durable aluminum construction
  • Faster read/write speeds which are up to 1100 Mbps
  • The integrated fingerprint scanner is available in this latest model
  • Integration of AES 256 bit hardware encryption for better security to its users
  • Samsung T7 does not require additional applications for data transfers
  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, android and even gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox
  • It uses the latest USB 3.2 gen two ports and embedded NVMe flash for better bandwidth
  • Since it is an SSD, it has no moving parts which make it more durable and future proof
  • Very sleek design



  • The starting price of the 500gb model is higher than its competitors
  • The read/ write speed may decrease for larger files to compensate for overheating
  • Only two selection of colors (black and silver)
  • Lager sized files may reduce the read/write speed
  • Not all recent devices have a USB 3.2 gen two-port, so you might not be able to use the read/write speeds to its full potential
  • The Samsung portable SSD application must be installed in all the devices you intend to use the SSD T7


Although the mighty Samsung portable SSD T7 is the latest and greatest product from Samsung, it does have some downfalls just like any other device. The cons might make it seems as you are not getting your money’s worth, but if you are all about the top of the line products, this is probably the best option for you. I was unable to use the T7 to its full potential, but it still managed to have the best read/write speeds amongst its competitors.



Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch

This device is mainly focused on its upgrade and performance for content creators and video editors. If you have to transfer large files frequently, then this device is definitely for you. You need to keep in mind that only the latest top of the line devices have a USB 3.2 gen two ports to unlock the maximum read/write speeds. You can also use the T7 if you are overly insecure about the contents of your drive and require that extra bit of security and ease of use.

However, for typical day to day use, the Samsung T5 would perform equally well for fewer prices. If you are ready to spend some extra cash on this device, it is currently available in Amazon or Wallmart for about 135$ for the 500 GB variant and 250$ for 1 Tb variant. The prices may vary according to the offers they might or might not have. You can also buy this product from Samsung’s official site, but that might set you back a couple of dollars.


So, is it worth buying this Samsung Portable SSD T7 Touch over its other competitors? Well, that depends totally on the users. Regular users are not going to notice the read/write speeds of the USB. This varies if you are a tech enthusiast/expert who is looking for the best product available in the market currently. You might want to keep your options open.

As for me, I think the Samsung T5 portable SSD would be a better buy for regular users that don’t fall under the tech enthusiast or an expert. Don’t get me wrong when I say this, the new T7 touch is an upgrade to its predecessors, but since it requires high-end devices for using at its full potential, you might as well go for the cheaper options available in the market.