The Sengled smart Wi-Fi LED is an inexpensive but amazing smart LEDbulb. The best part of this bulb is that it requires no hub and runs on Alexa amazon and Google home devices. The Sengled mobile app makes controlling of the lights very easy.This smart bulb connects to Wi-Fi. From the app we can adjust the brightness of the bulb and the color temperature of the bulb as well.

The app is very handy and you get 16 million color options which can be changed from the app itself. Sengled is one of the few new products in the line of smart home devices. I was thinking of adding colors to my art studio and got myself a set of Sengled lights and devices namely, Extra light, 1500 lumen bulb and the multi-color light strip as well the multi colored kit and the 800 lumen smart LED bulb.

Sengled now carries the wider line of smart home lighting devices including 800 lumen smart LED bulbs, lighting strips and even motion detector. Like most companies making smart LED lights, Sengled has its own dedicated app which allows great deal of customization within the app for lighting.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Connects to Wi-Fi network
  • Can be controlled with your phone or voice
  • No hub required
  • User friendly mobile app
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Super easy installation
  • Flawless performance
  • Excellent color quality

Within the app, lights can be figured into groups and rooms or specific schedules for wake and sleep time. You can even set the timing if you want the light to turn off at a specific time. If you want even more control, like the voice control the Sengled devices can also be set up with Amazon Alexa, Google assistant and Samsung smart things.

Unfortunately, Apple home kit isn’t on this list. Packaging seems to be very simple with the Sengled lights. You get an instruction manual with the lighting strips. But, with the bulb and the hub, you get a card that directs you to Sengled’s official website where you can get the instructions for its setup. Once you get the app downloaded, the installation and setup is very simple. With the hub included, the multicolor A 19 kit is a good starting place for a Sengled system. Starting at $69, the included hub grants the control of all of the Sengled’s devices from an iOS or an android device. The two multi-color A 19 bulbs in the kit can put out 800 lumens and you can choose between 16 million colors.

Sengled Smart Light Bulb


At 1500 lumens, the brand new extra light LED bulb lives upto its name. However, it does not feature the 16 million color options like the multi-color bulbs. Extra bright is available in day light at 5000 degrees kelvin and soft white at 2700 degrees kelvin. Once you are done with installing the app you can simply navigate to the devices section, click the “plus” sign and follow the directions.

Typically by scanning the QR code on the device, setting it up takes just a few seconds. The light will flash a few times when the connection has been made. Having wireless control over your lights is a pretty great thing to have. I have set a lot of Sengled’s lights in my art studio and I love the ability of turning everything on or off with the push of a button and change the color of the room by asking Google or Alexa to do so. So far, everything seems to be seamless and fluid. Set up was a piece of cake and the ability to change the settings with the Sengled app is icing on the top. Overall, I am pretty impressed with the Sengled LED lights.

In my opinion, the only downside of the Sengled app is the lack of the Apple home kit. If you are in the Apple ecosystem then you are not going to be very happy about this issue. Philips Hue is a strong competition for the Sengled smart bulbs but they come with a higher price tag. The Sengled bulbs and devices are much more affordable.



  • No hub required.
  • Excellent color quality.
  • Easy control via voice control.
  • Supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • Supports IFTTT.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Lacks the Apple home kit support.


Sengled Smart Light BulbIf you are planning to upgrade your home to a smart one then Sengled smart Wi-Fi LED bulb is the one for you. This smart bulb is not only available at an incredibly reasonable but also performs very well in contrary to its price.It comes with a user friendly mobile app that makes controlling your lightings very easy. Also, if you are looking for a replacement of your expensive smart bulbs the Sengled smart bulbs are the ones for you. You wouldn’t find such a great product at such an affordable price.

The extra bright bulb will cost you $15 and it is available in Amazon. I loved the brand new LED multi-color light strips. It comes in a 2 meter section that can get short as well as long. Setting up the Sengled light is pretty straight forward. To control most of their lights, a hub is required and everything is controlled through the Sengled home app.


Coming at $15, Sengled Wi-Fi smart LED bulb is one of the most affordable smart bulbs ever. You don’t need a hub to connect as it connects through Wi-Fi for wireless connection. It also offers the support of IFTTT that allows interacting with other smart devices as well.

However, if you are in the Apple ecosystem like I have mentioned earlier, the lack of Apple home kit could be the only downer for you. If not, this is a pretty great product. It is available in Amazon. This is a product I would recommend you to buy.

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