As like you, I am also a kind of person that wants my home to be secured all the time. I feel like one should not compromise regarding the security of their home and loved ones. In fact, I was looking for the best and affordable home security system and I came across SimpliSafe.SimpliSafe home security system is a promising system and I have seen great reviews about it. I wanted to try and experienceSimpliSafe’s features for myself so I got one about a month ago.


  • Affordable and easy to buy
  • Easy installation and set up
  • Great mobile app that allows you various customization
  • No long term contracts
  • Professional monitoring
  • Secret alert that sends you notification without triggering an alarm
  • Simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi conections
  • “SmashSafe” back up
  • 24 hour base station battery backup
  • Pretty decent SimpliCam that has 120 degrees field of view

simplisafe home securityThe essential system components are “Base station” which serves as a siren,“Keypad” where you put code to arm and disarm your system, “Entry sensors” for your door and window so you know when they are open and close, “Motion sensors” so you can know about anything that is taking place within your home. SimpliSafe introduces SimpliCamthat is going to capture all of the activities. There are additional supplemental components as well. You can choose and add any of them in your security system depending on your requirement.

The supplemental components include smoke detectors, freeze sensor, SimpliSafe video door bells so you can keep an eye on whatever is happening in front of your house.Simplisafe smart lock and an extra siren and a panic button and anumber of key devices help you maintain the control of whatever is happening inside your house.Professional monitoring system assures your safety where you are monitored by professionals 24/7 and 365 days. This is a great deal because you always have a backup in case of emergencies. There is no long term contract system and you can renew your contract deal every month.


SimpliSafe Home Security SimpliSafe home security system has tons of different sensors and pieces but its super transparent in case of pricing. There’s also a Secret alert system that sends you notification without triggering an alarm. Regarding the subscription plan, you get two plan options which are the “Standard plan” option and the “Interactive plan” option. The Standard plan will cost you $14.99 per month and the Interactive plan will cost you $24.99 per month. Now frankly, if you want everything we expect from a modern day home security system then you should go with the Interactive plan.

The Interactive plan gives you the complete mobile app access. You can get push notifications in your phone of whatever is going inside your home and it will also give you the opportunity to get siren alarms. This feature is not available for the Standard plan so you won’t get any of these elements from the standard plan.SimpliSafe does come with a simultaneous cellular and Wi-Fi connection.

When it comes to arming and disarming the SimpliSafe home security system, there are 3 different modes.

  • There’s an “off mode” where everything is disarmed.
  • There’s “home mode” where your door and windows are generally alarmed.
  • Lastly, there’s an “away mode” where everything is alert making sure there’s nothing going on.

What’s impressive?

Another cool feature is that you can use your voice to control the arming and disarming of the security system. So, you can basically use your mobile app to arm and disarm the security system or you can use the keypad to do so. With SimpliSafe you get a lot of customization. For example, with the Basestaion and the Hub you can customize the duration of siren, the actual volume of the siren, you can even control the volume of the door chime and many more. What I loved the most about SimpliSafe is the SimpliSafe Cam.

SimpliSafe Home Security ReviewIt actually takes a recording each time something is triggered.TheSimpliSafeCam comes at a 720 p HD quality and the recording is quite smooth.Another great thing about this cam is that it has 120 degrees of field view so it’s going to cover lots of space while recording. The infrared night vision actually captures the things that are happening in the dark pretty well. The recordings will last for 30 days in the cloud storage if you het the SimpliSafe subscription plan. Moving on to the customer support, I must say that SimpliSafe has a pretty solid system. You can call them between 9 am to midnight EST. they have email support system where you can email them and they will respond to you ASAP.

My favorite was the SimpliSafe online forums where not only the SimpliSafe representatives answer your questions but you also find a lot of necessary and useful information from other SimpliSafe consumers. The installation of SimpliSafe home security system is pretty straight forward and easy. The setup guide or the mobile app will walk you through the process of setting up.The mobile application is a pretty handy tool.It is compatible with both iOS and android systems.


This home security system is for those who want to keep an eye on whatever is happening in their home and someone who wants an expansive, affordable home security system.SimpliSafe is the best option for someone who wants a home security system that’s easy to install. If you aren’t a fan of long term contracts then this is definitely for you. Also, if you are someone who’s mobile and also wants your home or space to secure then SimpliSafe is the best option for you. You can avail this at just $175 for 5 Pieces from Amazon.

If your Wi-Fi is not working for some reason then you don’t have to worry about it since the cellular data will kick in and make sure your message gets out.SimpliSafe also has a “Smashsafe” backup which means if someone comes in and obliterates your Base station or your keypad then it’s going to send out alarms to your monitoring center. You don’t even have to worry about the Base Station going out if it loses power for some reason because it’s still going to work for a full 24 hours with its 24 hours’ worth battery backup feature.


SimpliSafe gives you a well-rounded home security system. Its competitor ADT gives you a number of other components but it is totally subjective. For me, SimpliSafe wins in case of pricing, customer support and installation. It is a pretty affordable home security system. Among the two plans, the “standard plan” doesn’t offer much compared to the “Interactive plan”.The professional monitoring is very effective and solid and the month to month contract tops it up.