I have been hearing and seeing a lot about the Tatbrow micro-blading pen for the eyebrows lately. Every time I am on my Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, or Pinterest, I see ads about Tatbrow. Everyone is swearing by it, and even my friends were suggesting to me to give it a try once. I am a big-time makeup lover, and I love trying out new products every time they get released.

So, when this product took the market by storm, I thought of giving it a try. This is basically a very first product that promises you a micro bladed effect for your eyebrows. I was pretty excited to try this eyebrow pen, and I finally bought it a month ago.



  • Good precision brush (fork-like tip).
  • Easy to apply.
  • Gives micro bladed effect to the eyebrows.
  • Gives natural looking hair-like strokes.
  • Lasts up to 24 hours.
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Available in various color options.
  • Cruelty-free
  • FDA approved

The first thing I noticed about this product is its size. It is so tiny and thin that it basically looks like a pen. They have got a pretty great selection of colors, and I was very impressed by such variety in colors. This product is available in colors like Brown Dark brown, Ash black, Blonde, Grey, and Auburn. I got myself a brown shade. It’s difficult sometimes to find products that match the color of your skin tone, brows.

The major selling point of this pen is its brush. It has got an excellent precision brush that is supposed to make its application pretty easy. Tat brow has a fork like a tip that allows you to create strokes for a better-looking brow. It promises to last till 24 hours, is waterproof and smudge-proof. The secret to looking fresh all day long is by using products that last for at least 24 hours. Tat brow fills in your eyebrows with natural-looking hair-like strokes that last up to 24 hours straight. This brand is cruelty-free, FDA approved, which makes it even safer to use.


TatBrow® Microblade Pen

This product was definitely in for some serious business, but I think it fails to keep up with its promises. This Tatbrow has an easy-to-use product only if you’ve been using it for several times. As for me, it was not the most comfortable product to apply. It’s not that quick to apply as it promises to be. I must say that I have used other brow products that are a lot quicker to apply; as the urban decay double brow. The major downer for me was that the product was already leaking ink from its tip as soon as I opened it. It stained my fingers for a bit, and I was scared that it wouldn’t come off, but it did when I washed my hands for like three times.

When I was applying the Tatbrow, it was being inconsistent about depositing the ink along my brows, so I had to use my brow brush after applying the Tat brow. My eyebrows looked beautiful, and even after I did this. I had to use my brow brush after each application to work the product up. Your eyebrows will look more even and beautiful if you use your eyebrow brush to work the product up. Every time I used my brow brush, the product kind of left of residues on my forehead, cheeks, and I had to brush it away. Not that I have a problem with it, but it kind of increased the work for me even though it was supposed to be really easy to apply. I also found this product quite expensive at $27.



  • Good precision brush for better application.
  • Quick application.
  • Great selection of colors.
  • Cruelty-free
  • Leaves natural looking hair-like the tint on your eyebrows.
  • Waterproof
  • Smudge-proof
  • Long-lasting


  • Dries up just after a week of its use.
  • The tip leaks ink.
  • Inconsistent with the application.
  • Pretty expensive for a brow product.
  • Not the most accessible product to apply.
  • You will have to use a brow brush to work the product up.



If you are okay with the fact that you will have to work up the product after each application, then you can give this product a try. You might find it easier to apply and might actually like this product. As for me, I am not a fan of this product. I felt like it’s not worth $25. I wanted to give it a try, and I did. This did last for almost 24 hours and is waterproof and smudge-proof. This is the only bright side for me. Other than that, I would instead stick to the brow products that I have been using.

It is actually more expensive than the Anastasia Beverly hills tip brow, Anastasia’s brow tip is available at $21 at Ulta beauty. I was not happy with the fact that this product dried up just after a week of its use. Not only that, but the brow tip also deposits a lot of tints randomly and stains your skin. I did not like this about the Tat brow microblade pen.


All I can say is that this product didn’t manage to sweep me off my feet. It failed to live up to its hype. Nevertheless, if you are okay with trying new products out and the price is not a barrier for you, then you can give Tatbrow a shot. However, there are products cheaper than this product that will do a good job as well. Maybelline brow tint pen is available for $7, which is a good alternative if you are a massive fan of this fork like a precision brush in a brow pen.