Smart Home (SH) technology, within its context, is a house comprising of smart devices and promises a huge number of possibilities to our future way of life. At the same time, it might influence our living habits. A smart house is a house that has highly advanced automatic systems for lighting, temperature control, fire alarm security, water appliances, and many other functions. Signals are sent through the home’s wiring to switches and outlets that are programmed to operate appliances and electronic devices in every part of the house.

Currently, a wide range of smart devices are being integrated into the smart homes, this enhanced services can be found in aspects related to the environment, communication, home electronics, security, support systems and health care, and entertainment. Vivint Smart Home is nowadays being popular in several nations. Vivint Smart Home is a US public smart home company in the United States & Canada. It was founded by Keith Neilesen and Todd Pedersen in 1999.

Vivint Home Security offers an integrated smart home security system, in-home consultation, professional installation, 24/7 monitoring and customer support. The home security service dedicated to redefining the home experience with intelligent products and services that serve more than 1.5 million customers throughout the U.S. and Canada.

I personally, prefer Vivint smart house because it transforms our home into a comprehensive system that’s all works together to make our home a more comfortable, convenient place to live. Vivint has excellent equipment, and its current plans include more affordable monitoring options than it ever had before.

Key Features


As lighting is an integral part of a building. The users would be able to choose the time of activation through Vivint. For example,in the home 7pm when it starts to get dark might be a sensible option. If the user wishes to further customize the lighting settings there should be an option available to implement motion detection. It would involve a person actually stepping into a room in order for the lights to be activated. This could include a specific room in the home or all the rooms. In a voice controlled format the user could check if the lights were on in any room of the house by speaking in to Bluetooth headset. The system could ask the user if the lights are in the required state.

Vivint Smart Home Security Review


With the advancement of smart home security technology, it makes sense to include security features. The user would be able to control the arming and disarming of the alarm, as well as edit specific settings of the alarm. Such as the key code by the help of Vivint. The user could also have the option to configure intrusion detection settings. This would work firstly by outside lights detecting motion and then the system would warn the security personnel or house owner of any windows or doors being open, through the use of electronic sensors to the system.


The user would be able to control the heating and cooling of the home,through the use of both time and parameter based functions of vivint home security. The user may choose for the heating to come on when outside conditions drop below a certain temperature, there would be heat-sensitive sensors placed outside to detect varying conditions.


We can control the power supply to all appliances in the home using the smart system. In a large home, this would be a very convenient feature because there may be a lot of electrical appliances that are left on standby. Hence the system should contain a feature, which searches all power supply links in the home to determine where one can save energy.


For a fully capable smart home, entertainment features would be an innovative feature to include. The most widely used aspect of entertainment features would be the ability for subtle music to air throughout the household. This would be very welcoming especially if a resident has had a stressful day at work.

System StatusVivint Smart Home Security

It is worth having an option to verify the current status of the system. Vivint smart home security provides the user with the ability to scan the entire system or just parts of it for errors.

Vivint Home Security is considered as the luxury-style security system.

However, there are Pros and Cons to everything, so does Vivint Home Security.


  • Speedy event response.
  • Excellent video doorbell.
  • Offers remote control of door locks,cameras,thermostate and sensors.
  • Responsive touch screen.
  • No lengthy contract required.
  • Compatible with home smart devices such as Amazon Echo & Google Home.
  • A generous equipment package
  • User-friendly smartphone APP for controlling the system.



  • Requires a monthly subscription for remote access.
  • Cannot customize alarms sound.
  • Some components can be pricey.
  • Most expensive of all security system available.



Vivint Smart Home Security

To sum up, it’s helpful to select a professional home security system instead of a DIY package to get assistance in customizing a system based on our needs. And then to utilize an adequate set of devices to satisfy those needs. Vivint is a complete home tech solution. The company has an extensive list of tightly integrated equipment, plus its emphasis on an entire smart home provides devices. They can be cameras, door locks and thermostats that are integrated and managed via the control panel or the Vivint Smart Home mobile app.

I highly recommend you guys to use Vivint Smart Home Security as it allows you to use a duress code in times of emergency. Duress codes are special ciphers that you key into your system instead of your regular code. The duress code alerts emergency personnel that you need immediate assistance without letting an intruder know you’re calling for help. When Vivint receives the duress code, it dispatches police to your residence without contacting you. A Vivint monitoring agent will also connect to the panel and silently listen for suspicious activity for 30 seconds.

Check out Vivint to know more about Vivint House Security. You can check out all the services provided. I am sure you will love it. So why not have a look? Check it right now.

Thus, I really think you all must try Vivint Smart Home Security once as it offers a free home consultation with an experienced security advisor to determine the equipment you need to secure your home.