Playing games has become a part of life. But which is best to play and is free? Relax, here we present you Top 10 Free Mobile Games that you can download and play now itself. Without any delay, let’s get started!


PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds) is a battle royale king of game. In this you have to play against 99 other players in solo-mode, 98 other players in duo-mode & other players in squad-mode.

The Pubg is most loved game in our Top 10 Free Mobile Games list. The indispensable thing is that you can land in your favorite place on a map in Erangal, Sanhok & Miramar without any weapon. You will find various guns, health items & attachments for your guns.

An airplane drops care packages every now & then(Be aware that there are limited of these in matches, & they provide you with some extraordinary weapons &/or attachments or wearable’s).

Aims & Objectives:

The main objective of this game is to survive & bang Chicken Dinner.

Features of PUBG Mobile :

•Realistic graphics, HD audio & shooting experience

•Officially licensed on mobile and emulator

•Fair gaming environment available for your convenience

•You can use microphone & voice chat with friends

•Travel in different styles

•It’s applicable to any age group

•Realistic weapons

•Team up with your friends

•It becomes easier listen to the bullet directions & foot-steps of your enemy.

2.Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3, one of Top 10 Free Mobile Games, is an action game where you have to build your own combatant, equip him with lots of weapons & armor, & try to defeat all the enemies in front of you.

In this game, you’ll have the prospect to use a variety of weapons & armor. You can collect the tools, use & upgrade as well as create a set of dream battle gear

There are various powerful equipment that will be rewarded when you win the difficult stages. The arms & characters you choose will play a vital role in defining your unique fighting style.

Aims & Objectives:

The aim of the game is to reduce your opponent’s health bar before they do the same to you. L&ing blows fills up your shadow meter, which you can use to give a free rein to an overwhelming attack. Also there’s a good chunk of RPG progression to sink your teeth into here.

Features of Shadow Fight 3 :

•Pragmatic animation & physics

•Enjoy 3D graphics

•You can combine three different fighting moves into your own unique game-play.

•Collect tons of weapons & equipment.

•Extraordinary shadows allow the use of abilities, perks & enchantments.

•Travel around a huge world-map & explore places & stories.

•Submerge yourself in exhilarating stories with many quests.

•Participate in regular events with unique prizes.

•Offline game

3.Call Of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been developed by Tencent studio, which has occurrence in creating multiplayer online games for mobile platforms.

At present, all modes are player-versus-player including battle royale. However, Developers has revealed that the game will not be exclusively multiplayer, with supplementary modes of play to be added at a later date.

With various features, Call of Duty is also one of the Top 10 Free Mobile Games. The mainstream of play is on maps & with players & weapons that have appeared in multiple Call of Duty titles over the years, consisting the Modern Warfare & Black Ops series. Some will be added in time.

Aims & Objectives:

 The aim of this game is to obliterate one of two objectives on the map using a single bomb, or to terminatel all enemy players.

Features of Call Of Duty :

• Allows Multiplayer

• The Battle Royale

• Play Using a Bluetooth controller

• The 12 maps are currently available

• Customization is huge in CoD: Mobile

• Weapon Skill

• Scorestreaks

• Characters

4.Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a strategic game for &roid around the globe. You can build the village as you like.  In the village your strongest clan will clash millions of other players online.

Build a strong village with a clan, so that you can defeat the enemy’s village during a battle.

 You can play clash of clans without any restriction. Clash of Clans is free to download, install, play & get addicted to it.

You will get boundless gold, gems, elixir, dark elixir & lots of interesting features.

Aims & Objectives:

Clash of clans is a strategic game & its primary aim is to be the person with the most trophies. You earn trophies either by attacking someone else’s village, or by successfully defending against an attack from another online player when the shield is off.

Features of Clash of Clans :

•Upgrade to the all New Town Hall 12 to get your town hall back in the fight & stay in a league!

•Use the ability of battle-machines to destruct most of the tough village bases.

•Chat with your clanmates in chatbox, participate in clan games to earn valuable magical items.

•Join a clan of similar players or start your own & invite friends without adding them to your friend list.

•Participate & attack in clan wars as a team against other players around the globe.

•Protect your village by upgrading defenses like cannons, spring-traps, bombs, mortars, & walls.

•Fight against the goblin-king in the kingdom crusade.

•Prepare a unique battle strategy with numerous combinations of army, spells, & immortal heroes!

•Friendly challenges, friendly battles, & special events.

•Train unique troops with multiple level upgrades & take them to attack opponent’s bases.

•Playing without any restrictions & conditions.

Advantages :

•Offers limitless gold, limitless Elixir and Dark Elixir.

•Number of buildings & troops.

•Excellent cartoon & graphics.

Disadvantages :

•Internet connection is required.

•The difficulty of the game is that you might cry on the first try.

5.Clash Royale

It is a tower rush game featuring two-four players in which the aim is to destroy the opponent conflicting towers, with the destruction of the “King’s Tower” causes an immediate win.

Aims & Objectives :

The aim in Clash Royale is to get as many trophies as possible because then you can unlock cards, go from Arena 1 to the renowned Arena, & you will get lots of gold which will help you upgrade your cards to the maximum level.

Features of Clash Royale :

•Players from the globe takes their trophy in real time.

•This is an action-packed multiplayer game.

•Start your battle community.

•Need to explore different levels & arenas

•You’ll get access to new rewards

•Super addictive games

•You will learn different battle strategies by watching the best conflict in TV-Royale.

•Your friends are able to challenge a private battle

•Free to install

6.Candy Crush

Candy Crush Saga is a puzzle video game. In this game, you have to collide different colored candies in their chains to make candy vanish.

The game features striped-candies, a colored spherical bomb & a spinning wheel,  this wheel you will receive jackpot rewards daily.

Apps are categorized as a freemium game. This means, as the game is free to download & play, a range of applications can be purchased to optimize it.

When the sugar-crush declaration happens, all the special candies on the top-left of the screen are automatically activated and exploded.

Features of Candy Crush Saga :

•A game of fun, played in such way to play target score, time-level, drop down mode & order-mode.

•Cross the level-50 to unlock dream-world & escape the reality with the Owl.

•Easy to play.

•Free to download & play.

•Offline game

Advantages :

•There are dozens of layers.

•There are several boosters

•You can challenge friends

Disadvantages :

•Looks like the levels never end.

•Extras & layers will be vanished if the application crashes and remains unsaved.

7.Angry Birds

Angry Birds is a game that is placed in the arcade-category of the app store. This game has won more than five-million players & garnered by worldwide fans.

In this game, shoot your birds towards the buildings & destroy them. Destroy greedy-pigs using the unique abilities of birds. It has 9 playable birds.

The names of the birds :-

•Red Bird: Red

•Blue Birds: Jay, Jake, & Jim

•Yellow Bird: Chuck

•Black Bird: Bomb

•White Bird: Matilda

•Green Bird: Hal

•Big Red Bird: Terence

•Orange Bird: Bubbles

•Pink Bird: Stella

•Grey Bird: Silver

The game offers different levels where are supposed to win using your brain & power. The scoring of the game is based on a three-star system that wants you to play at the same level until you get at least one star out of three-stars.

It is a very simple, fun & very interesting game. This game has a game-play feature that is best for short & fast-games.

Aims & Objectives:

The aim of the game is to eradicate all the pigs on the level.

Features Of Angry Birds :

•Enjoy 15 original episodes, where there are over 600 levels!

•Enjoy fun & satisfying game-play.

•You can challenge other players in the mighty-league.

•Power up to enhance the caustic ability of your bird.

•You can play offline.

•Download for Free

•Simple game

8.Subway Surfers

It is an endless runner mobile game mechanized like the Temple Run. Where you have to run from the police at the dangerous & obviously abandoned train station, the trains must be running at full speed. In this case, you have to proceed very cautiously.

Graffiti & subway are 2 concepts that always come in handy because railroads are the favorite place for graffiti-artists to showcase all their strength with paint-spray.

The main perception of Subway Surfers is an endless runner game that takes place on the tracks & possibly in a big city or underground transportation tunnels.

Aims & Objectives:

The main aim of the game is to run through the game world collecting coins & avoiding being caught by the police officer. Avoid trains & other obstacles by jumping accordingly.

Features of Subway Surfers :

•Grind the trains with your cool crew!

•High-quality graphics & color.

•Take your jetpack & jump in the air.

•Swipe left and right accordingly to perform all kinds of stunts.

•Compare your scores with your friends.

•Plays with three special characters

•Different missions have to be completed.

•Daily challenges are available.

•Challenge your friends & help out.

•Free to download & play.

•Smooth control.

9.Mini Militia

It is one of the most popular 2D multiplayer action game that challenges you to face opponents around the globe.

There is an interesting continuation in the first part of the game, you have to try to survive because there are very dangerous jungles & many of your enemies are hiding in this jungle.

With weapon in hand, make your way you do not suffer from them. The game has plenty of weapons that you can use to shoot enemies, bots & more to protect yourself.

The interesting part about this game is that you can play with up to 12 people using a same WiFi network.

Aims & Objectives:

To improve concentration & coordination in gaming.

Features of Mini Militia :

•Survival-mode: Serge trains to prepare for battle.

•The avatars are custom.

•There are thrusted-boots for extended vertical moments.

•Zoom control over various weapons.

•Conflicting attacks.

•Boost ammo, health, accuracy from the store.

10.Ludo King

It is a multiplayer game where you can play with your friends, & even play & make friends with people around the globe.

It follows the long-established rules of the Ludo game & the old-school narrative. Ludo is an simple game to comprehend.

You can challenge your friends in the private game & beat them to be the Ludo King!

For some powerful action, up to six players can combat in a single Ludo King match.

Features of Ludo King :

•Customized chat

•Features six players offline

•Play with up to 6 player offline in multiplayer mode.

•Real-Time Online Player

•Play like a pro

•Can resume the game

•Challenging game

•Internet connection is not required

•Offline & online multiplayer lets you play with your family & friends.

•2 – 6 players will be able to play local multiplayer mode.

•Play online multiplayer mode with 9 challenging game rooms.

•Play with different players in the world & make friends globally.


•Minimum Operating System: Android 4.1

•Offer to purchases the app.

Advantages :

•Nice graphics

•There are four different game modes

You can chat with friends

There are snakes & ladders

Disadvantages :

•Heats up the device

Hence, you just saw the Top 10 Free Mobile Games that you can download now. Enjoy playing games and have more fun!