A game isn’t done until you warmly greet the losing team. This implies each point is as important as the one earlier and after. So do your social media pictures. Regardless of the purpose of your photoshoot, you should not post pictures before the editing procedure. Here comes the need for photo editing software. And if it comes free, then it’s a bonus. Here is our list of 5 Free photo editing software.

some editing tips!

One of the mistakes people make is posting picture as it is. Well-known photo editing software ask for high prices. That is why people skip editing. Though their are softwares like Photoshop and Light-room which are free. But they are too difficult to use for a beginner.

Thus having an look at list of free editing software is must. Since, it helps achieve a professional-looking photograph. These free photo editing options will give you an edge over any paid photo editing software

lets begin with lists of 5 photo editing software

1.GIMP : Indeed best of photo editing software


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First tool in the list of 5 Free photo editing software is GIMP. Also known to be the best free photo editing software. Full form is GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is an open-source application. In other words, it is accessible from mac,OS, Windows, and Linux. With GIMP,  you get a ton of expert-level photo editing.

Specifically, Ideal for designers. And above all Who can’t spend dollars on photo editing software.

With GIMP, you’ll get window that show pictures. you can find two vertical skimming docks at both sides. One dock representing specific tools such as Scale, Pencil, and more. Another dock for overseeing layers, paths, brushes. And additional filters, for example, dropping shadow, including a glass tile, etc.

Overall, it has many different tool to edit pictures for free. Not to mention GIMP offers many editing tools from basic actions to highly proficient features. Thus, suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

There is a large active comunity working day off on GIMP. They take care of updates and bugs. Above all, Users can access the features for free.

2.INPIXIO: effortless photo editing software


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InPixio is a impressive photo editing software. It had ability to makes a photo POP with negligible efforts. you need not have any technical knowledge. InPixio is made of six unique programs designed. These are Photo Editor, Enhancer, Focus, Eraser, Cutter and Clip. Including basic image modification, high-resolution images, creating montage. All these features are accessible in a FREE version. Best of all, Ads will never pop up to remind you to upgrade for a paid version. Also the interface is totally user-friendly.

There are hundreds of filters to choose from. Including, blur effects, ingenious frames, texture. Coupled with tone sliders, preset creation, and much more. u can look at your before and after edited in a single click. This will ensure better editing.

Basically, it’s ideal for social media junkie. So, flaunt your photos in front of your friends.



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Adobe Photoshop Express is for those searching for excellent programming for snappy alters. With Adobe Photoshop Express, Users will have the option to experience incredible flawlessness. They will get essential picture altering activities. For example, differentiate, viewpoint, immersion, presentation, etc.

It has a ‘decorate’ category. That is to say, it permits clients to include content. Moreover effectively make completely customizable montages. All alters made on Adobe Photoshop Express are non-damaging. Which means you can return to the first photograph whenever. moreover, This software help you post your edited picture on social media on the spot.

Out of all features, Adobe Photoshop Express is considered to be the best for free mobile photo editing.



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Next in the list of 5 Free photo editing software is Pixlr. And my personal favourite too. Pixlr is an outstanding online photo editor for beginners. Non-professional photographers would really enjoy this software. It comes in two versions: Editor and Express Pixlr X.

Pixlr is among the best free photo editing software in the market. The program has slick design. while focusing on one-click tools that will cover all your basic editing needs. This is why i call it beginner friendly. You’ll be able to edit your images’ colors and saturation. you can crop and resize. Another key point, the touch up tool help you get rid of unwanted element in your photo. The white balance tool helps on balancing out photo. Now you can Get control over your picture. And decide how its final look.

The best tool of all is One-click tools. which help you edit pictures in nanoseconds. It has simple user interface, and quick online edits. And all that at zero cost makes Pixlr X. All things considered, it is the best free photo editing software of the present time.

with Pixlr you can create collage with multiple layout provided. We are damn sure, you will love its touch up tool. That’s what we need in software after all, right?

5.BEFUNKY : fun going photo editing software


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The name says it aloud – FUN TO USE. There is nothing you won’t like in this free photo editing software. The software is simply easy and fun to use. CARTOONIZOR is the editing option in befunky. what it does is that it turns your picture into cartoon. Isn’t interesting? download the app and try on your own.

BeFunky is Photoshop for regular people. simply because its very user friendly. You do not have to have a technical knowledge to operate this. neither you need to have to hire graphic designers. you can turn your boring pictures into fun cartoons. in one word, you can experience the art of editing via befunky. So we recommend using this amazing free photo editing software.

BeFunky is composed of three categories: Photo Editor, Collage Maker, and Design Creator. in conclusion, It can be seen as an evident winner. mostly In terms of photo enhancing features . I am really impressed of its Design composition templates. only disappointment is that most of these templates are for premium users only.

However, the availability of this free photo editing software on the web as well as Android and iOS can be counted as an advantage.

Fortune doesn’t always require to come with huge pay. So no point of spending money on paid photo editing software. Unless you are a professional. Let us know which one you use to enhance your profile on social media.