Virtual assistant jobs are not only limited to ordinary office tasks. But there has been a large number of renovations in this era. Thus, it opens a great learning opportunity for virtual assistants. Now, this is not only limited to answering the emails and phone calls but leads to the great paths of learning. Any task can be performed virtually with varying salary packages.

A virtual assistant needs to be skilled and disciplined. Moreover, the person must have expertise in a particular area to get an excellent command over the job. This opens a remarkable earning opportunity as compared to the unskilled one. There are varying categories of virtual assistants. But you can find the best virtual assistant job according to your match. The most prominent companies that offer the good virtual assistant jobs include:

1. Belay:  

high paying virtual assistant jobs

BELAY offers you the best virtual assistant solutions. Not only to those who are looking to hire virtual assistants for their firms but also to those who want to be a virtual assistant. The prominent assistant responsibilities under BELAY assistants include dealing with the administrative affairs, web designing, blog writing, and copywriting.

BELAY is basically a non-profit organization that works to serve the best leading companies. If you are looking to be part of BELAY then you must have extraordinary skills to work as its virtual assistant. It offers a large range of assistant jobs. The most important among these is executive assistant jobs. For the post of an executive assistant, you have to work as a secretary to look over all the affairs. Being at the post of executive you can earn up to 50,000$ annually.

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2. Boldly

high paying virtual assistant jobs

This provides a large number of virtual assistant job opportunities with handsome salary packages. The company started to hit the grounds of virtual assistant in 2012. The firm has been appealing to the large companies and skilled people due to its competency. Boldly hires competent virtual assistants in order to get great virtual support. Hence, they serve best to a large number of firms.

The firm always welcomed the expertise with legal and executive assistant skills. Legal virtual assistant has to perform all the duties as by executive assistant but after conducting adequate legal research. The one who has excellent command over legal research can earn up to 60,000$ annually.

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3. Day Translations

Day translations serve you to overcome the international communication hindrances by offering the best translation solutions. Also, it is serving up to 30,000 companies annually with optimized solutions. As, there are a large number of international firms who are looking for adequate translation solutions. To expand the business up to international platforms, its mandatory to translate the documents before sending it across the borders. Day translations is offering a large number of jobs for translation assistant.

Those who have excellent command over multiple languages, Day translations is offering an adequate virtual assistant job with a good salary package. Hence, translation assistant with outstanding grip over multiple languages can earn up to 70,000$ annually.

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5. Delegate Solution

Delegate solution is serving a large number of international firms in the era of “strategic support services”. The firm served as the right arm for the establishment of a newly emerged business. It is also providing technical assistance in terms of establishing a good technical relation to various other firms and clients. Thus, helping in maintaining the technical repute. Delegate solution is attracting a large number of technical support assistants due to its handsome salary package.

The virtual assistants has to train the new staff in order to train them with technical systems. A technical virtual assistant has to be a master expert in maintaining the technical communication up to the mark. Having a strong grip in computer programs help you to earn more money, once you have entered in this field. Technical virtual assistants can earn up to 50,000$ annually depending upon their skills.

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4. Coaliation Technologies

In the era of technology as there is a strong need to establish the authentic internet existence. For this, there is a need for an effective website to properly update all the data of the firm. Coaliation technologies are providing the optimized online marketing support. Thus, enabling you to give a tough time to your competitors.

Being an IT specialist is like a golden egg in your bucket. People who have strong command over it can best fit as virtual assistants of coaliation technologies. Website assistants have to work as a website developer, updating codes and maintaining the reviews. You must have to be experts in this era, coaliation technologies providing you the best platform to work as a web design assistant.

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5. Introverted Visionary

With the increase in population all over the world, new diseases are also emerging quickly. There is a strong need for medical assistance. So, introverted visionary emerged as a great platform for various health practitioners. This firm provides a fantastic opportunity for medical transcriptionists who are looking forward for virtual assistant jobs. The firm provides effective medical assistance to work in the best-optimized way with their patients.

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Medical virtual assistants are highly in demand by introverted visionary. The major task for medical virtual assistant is to transcribe the medical reports of patients. To enter in this field, one must have an excellent command over this subject along with adequate experience. Being a medical virtual assistant, you can earn 20$ per hour.

6. VaVa Virtual Assistants

Business-related to production need adequate marketing to establish their business and for increasing their sales. So, VaVa virtual assistant started serving the firms in 2010. The firm is serving a large number of companies on an annual basis with the assistance of their skilled marketing assistants. VaVa virtual assistant is providing virtual assistant jobs to a large number of creative marketing content writers. Prior copywriting experience is good enough to hold a quick position over the firm.

Being a marketing assistant, you have to manage the public promotion strategies. You have to write catchy content for advertisement and online social marketing. Hiring skilled marketing assistance helps the firm to attract a large number of potential costumers. Earnings as a marketing assistant depend upon your abilities, how much content you can provide per day in an effective way?

VaVa Virtual Assistants is a full-service virtual assistance provider that was founded in 2010. The company offers marketing, copywriting, bookkeeping, social media, design, web conference, and executive assistant services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house employee.

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Hence, these are some of the best platforms for virtual assistant jobs. You can have a bright future by working as virtual assistance, why to delay on utilizing the right platforms?